If you want a set of perfect white teeth, but can not stand the thought of an in-office laser tooth whitening procedure, then this is the article for you. We be giving you the low down on how to get a brilliant white set of teeth worthy of any model or celebrity and all in the comfort of your own home for as little as $25 or less.

3 Options for at home Tooth Whitening

  1. Whitening strips you stick on your teeth
  2. Brush on tooth whitening gels
  3. Tooth whitening trays with whitening gel

Tooth Whitening Strips

First let's talk about tooth whitening strips, more commonly known as Crest White Strips, although there are now several competing brands on the market. You open the package and take a prepared strip and stick one on the lower teeth and another on the upper teeth. Could it get any easier or faster to whiten your teeth? Nope, but do tooth whitening strips get the job done? Well sort of. You will get some lightening, but the whitening gel on the strips does a poor job of getting into the crevices between teeth. What you may end up with is what is commonly known as "technicolor teeth." Some surfaces will be lighter than others, which does not exactly give you the most desired effect.

Brush on Tooth Whitening Gels

Next up is brush on tooth whitening gels. The basic concept here is that you brush on the gel and allow it to dry. Once dry the gel will whiten the surface of the tooth and you will get lighter teeth. The main problem with this treatment is that it brush on gels are difficult to apply evenly. If you do manage to get the application right, there is another hazard; saliva can cause the product to dry unevenly. What do you end up with? Once again, you will be likely to encounter uneven whitening and the possibility of technicolor teeth. Again, not the outcome you are looking for from a cosmetic dentistry standpoint.

Tooth Whitening Trays with Whitening Gel

This is the best option for at home use. Why? They trays allow for even distribution of the bleaching get over all surfaces of the tooth. Here are a couple of secrets for home bleaching and tooth whitening. Most gels you can buy over the counter are pretty close to the quality of what your dentist uses. In fact if you look for a product providing a concentration of 21% you will get faster results from those with lower concentrations. Second, home bleaching and tooth whitening kits are big business and as such are heavily promoted. Check online for free sample and coupon offers on your purchase, or watch the Sunday newspaper for $5 off coupons for extra savings.

If you want the cheapest, quickest and most effective way to get brilliant white teeth then choose the best at home tooth whitening system on the market. Any brand will do as long as you stick to a tooth whitening system that uses bleaching trays and contains a whitening gel at a concentration of 21% you will get the most effective results.