Athens vs Sparta

Athens and Sparta were two ancient city states that were similar and different in many ways. From Politics to education Sparta and Athens differ in numerous ways. These two ancient city states were also similar in a number of interesting ways.

      Pericles of Athens says that his City State enjoys freedom in their government and in their regular life. “The freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life.” In this quote Pericles is saying that Athens does not have a dictatorship instead the people run the government. The Athenian government is ruled by the people and for the people. Sparta's government was a dictatorship and this was a big difference between the two City States. Athens also differed from their neighbors in the treatment of foreigners. Athens opened up its doors to foreigners to observe and trade peacefully and Sparta did not like anyone who was not Spartan to come into their land. Athens valued the arts,literature and other activities that offed a form of education and entertainment. The Athenians valued education and all boys were given a proper education and where taught to think. In Sparta King Archidamus thought that the less education his people where given the better for as he stated his people had to little learning to despise the law. “because we are educated with too little learning to despise the laws,” One thing that all Greeks Spartans and Athenians believed in was that non Greeks were not as good as Greeks.

The Spartans were fierce people. The leader King Archidamus hated the Athenians. The Spartans focused solely on war. The mind set of the Spartans was one where the strongest and the most disciplined would win. The Spartans where raised from birth to be soldiers. The Spartans thought that they were better then the rest of the world and that literature and poetry were petty subjects that didn't matter. The Spartans were good both war like and wise. As stated in Ancient Sparta, the Spartans relied heavily on slaves to support their economy. Sparta is much like today's North Korea were they have a strong military and don't communicate much with the rest of the world. This is a great example of how having only a militaristic government will ultimately lead to your downfall. Most governments that survive the longest rely not only on their military but on their culture to. Americans have advanced society in huge ways. This is proof that although Sparta lasted longer then Athens you need a little bit of both City States to survive and thrive in this world