Line Marker

Sports Field Line Marking:

Athletic field marking paint has come a long way since the days of using “string guides” and a paint brush to try and mark out the grass in straight lines.  Field marking equipment has advanced over the years and there are a number of devices that can be used to paint straight and accurate lines.  Without accurate markings, an athletic field is just a patch of grass.  So, its important to take the job seriously for all those who intend on participating in the game as well as the spectators.  

Athletic Field Marker PaintAthletic field marking paint comes in two basic forms.  Dry paint markers sometimes called field marking chalk is sold in 25-40lbs bags.  The chalk is emptied into a simple, non-powered device which drops the chalk in a straight line as you roll along.  The chalk is made of white calcium carbonate which is non-toxic, does not burn the skin or eyes, and does not harm grass or vegetation.  Field marking chalk machines come in various types and expenses ranging from simple 2 wheeled devices, to 4 pneumatic wheeled machines.  

The disadvantage of field marker chalk is the fact that it can be easily faded and washed away by heavy traffic as well as strong winds and rain.  Although it is slightly more expensive, athletic field marking paint in aerosol cans is much cleaner and easier to use.  Striping machines, as they are called, are relatively inexpensive (around $100) and don’t have the messy spills of a field marking chalk machine.  Field marking equipment has advanced so drastically in the past few decades, there is almost no prep work or clean up before or after a day of field marking.  

Field Marking Equipment:

There are many different types, sizes and styles of line marking machines.  However, for the two types of athletic field marking paint, there are two entirely different machines.

Heavy Duty Steel 4-Wheel Dry Line Marker - Because they are so inexpensive to own and operate, dry line markers are used widely in both community and school athletic fields, as well as some professional tournaments.  The best field marking equipment uses 4 heavy duty wheels to keep yours lines straight, and make it easy to maneuver.  

SSG Athletic Field Striper - Utilizing the convenience of aerosol, athletic field marking paint stipers can be operated with the flip of a finger.  Because they weigh a fraction of a 100lbs dry line marker, field stripers are easier to use and store.  If buying by the can, they are much more expensive to operate, but if you buy in bulk they have the potential to cost similar amounts.  

Athletic Field Marking Paint:

You can expect to pay $3-5 dollars for a can of aerosol athletic field marking paint, which will last you around 120 yards of line.  Line marker is much easier to store, and use because is weighs so much less than dry chalk.  In addition, you can get aerosol line marker in a variety of colors if you wish.  Dry line marker chalk is very bulky and inconvenient, but creates stunning lines, and is generally much cheaper.  You can find dry chalk line for around 20 cents per pound.  Whichever method you choose, be sure to prepare for you next game by stocking up on the materials needed.