Athletic sandals for men are highly recommended to purchase this summer. Especially if you're planning on doing a lot of fun summer activities. Athletic sandals, also known as sport sandals can be worn by anyone who plans on using their sandals for more than just a day at the beach. They're design to withstand walking on different hard terrains. If you like to do some fishing, some hitchhiking, or participate in some competitive water sports, then good sport sandals with extra padded midsoles will provide proper comfort and arch support for your feet.

Athletic sandals will absorb shock better than your casual sandals, and provide proper arch support and heel support to prevent against plantar fasciitis. Quality sport flip flops, or sport sandals overall will reduce the extra tension on muscles in your back, knee, ankle, and heel. Down below are some popular athletic sandals for men to wear this year for summer.

Cheap Athletic Sandals

One of the top leading sellers in sports apparel is Nike. Nike provides some very cheap flip flips for men to wear. The Nike Celso Athletic Sandals are your very standard looking sports Nike flip flip. It's decked out in black with their Nike swish logo embedded on the heel and the straps. A really good sandal to wear for water sports, fishing, hiking, and for quite a few other outdoor activities that you plan on doing this summer. If you're about to go on vacation, then this wouldn't be a bad Sport sandal to buy for arch support, and proper midsole cushioning. The very soft, strong, and durable EVA midsole is featured. Those with weak arches can also wear the Nike flip flop. Amazon has pretty good deal for this sandal.



Nike Celso Athletic Sandals

Nike Men's Celso Motion Thong Sandal
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(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

Best Athletic Sandals for Hiking

Hiking can be extremely discomforting for the feet. You better be sure you pick a good sandal that provides plenty of support for the midsole and outsole of the sandal. The the proper support of the midsole and outsole has to be similar to the quality of a really good shoe, otherwise you'll experience quite a bit of heel and arch pain if you plan on doing a lot of hiking this summer. I would go with the Teva Hurricane 3 men's sandals. They're available for kids, and women as well.

Teva Hurricane 3 Men's Sandals

Teva Men's Hurricane XLT Sandal
Amazon Price: $60.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

I like these sandals because their midsoles are made like shoes. They're made specifically for rough abuse that can be endured with hiking, or fishing. These might be the best Sport sandals for men to buy when it comes to toughness and durability. They're even good enough to be used for rock climbing. It's not very hard to get traction on these sandals as well. The topsole and misole features a very soft and comfortable EVA. The makeup of the sandal is anti-bacterial. An extra padded heel prevents against heel pain and plantar fasciitis. These sandals don't cost a lot of money. You can find them on Amazon going for prices under $100 dollars. It might still seem a little high, but these are some of the finest men's sandals on the market.

Best Sport Sandals for Water Sports

If you're going to be involved in canoeing, boating, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, or any other water sports, then you should invest in a really nice Sport sandal. One of the better ones for men is the Chaco Vibram Bachelor Blue Unaweep. It's a pretty expensive sandal to purchase, but very comfortable to wear. It comes with a one inch width polyester strap to keep the feet stable and secured. The topsole is made with polyester with a polyurethane midsole.

Chaco Vibram Bachelor Blue Unaweep

Chaco Men's Z/1 Unaweep Sandals
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(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

A good heel and arch support is also provided. You can even wear socks with these Sport sandals, and go hiking with them. They're pretty versatile in what they can do. They can be used for water sports, or for walking on rough dry surfaces. Recommended to use for casual wear, water sports, walking, or just for your everyday footwear for this summer. According to customer feedback, the pops seem to be the comfort, durability, style, breathability, and its a lightweight sandal to wear.

Athletic Sandals for Arch Support

Arch support should be your number one priority when finding the right kind of Athletic sandals for men or women. The best sport sandals and flip flops should have arch support. After all sport sandals are supposed to withstand rough terrains, and provide extra comfort for those with weak arch support. If you want to shop by brand, then look at Moszkito and Orthaheel sandals. Their entire product brand is design to provide the proper arch and heel support.

Orthaheel Orthopedic Sandals

Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals
Amazon Price: $60.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 17, 2016)

Other recommended sandals for men for arch support is the Keen Men's Kelowna Sandals. It looks more like a shoe than a sandal. These are really good sport sandals for arch support. I like them because the straps do a really good job at keeping the entire foot stabilized. Any men who is suffering from pronation or supination should highly consider these athletic sandals. The insoles of the sandals helps to support your normal and natural gait cycle. The Nubuck leather  featured is very soft, comforting, and it is also water proof.

Keen Men's Owyhee Sandals

KEEN Men's Owyhee Sandal
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(price as of Jul 17, 2016)