I have tried to lose weight for the last few years, a knee surgery gone bad affected my mobility, and weight loss has been hard to come by. I have tried the reduced calorie diet, I ate 1,800-2,000 calories a day, and I always felt hungry and that I was being deprived of adequate nutrition. So, needless to say, my dieting was never very successful.

 The Atkins' diet plan:

   I have been aware of the Atkins' diet since I was a kid, my mother used it and swore by it. I never thought about going on the plan, because I thought that I could not live without bread, sugar, and unhealthy snacks. I figure that I would just cut back on the carbs, sugar, and snack food, but I never could really cut back. I was weak and I knew it, I wanted to lose weight the easy way, but I soon found out that there is no easy way to lose weight. I needed to commit to something before I ate myself to diabetes or worse, so I chose Atkins' because I had seen how it worked on mother.

The induction period:

   I started Atkins', and to be very honest, I was terrified of the diet. I knew that I would have to be fully committed to the diet, or failure was likely to happen again. When my doctor told me that I would need a knee replacement, but first I had to lose weight, then I knew that for my overall health I better lose weight. The first two days of induction  went fine, but the third and fourth days could not have been harder. I felt irritable, light-headed, and very tired. I found out that my body was in ketosis, and that during induction a person's body can experience withdrawal symptoms. I hung in there by reading the success stories of others who have gone through the same diet, this helped me keep focused.

  Plan for the future:

  I plan on staying on Atkins' phase 1 (induction) for at least three months, I feel that this will keep me motivated to stay on the diet. I have been very surprised by the fact that I never feel hungry on this diet, the hardest part for me is not getting bored with the food. I started looking up low carb recipes on the internet, and was very surprised by how many recipes were out there. I started using some of these recipes, and this has helped keep boredom to a minimum. 

Stay Focused:

  If you decide to give a low carb diet a try, remember that there will be difficulties, it is never easy to cut out foods that we are addicted to. The one thing to remember is that many people have gone there before, and that their success can inspire you to keep going on the diet. I promise that after you get past the 2 week mark, it will become easier, and you will be happy with the weight you lose in that same amount of time. Some people report weight-loss of 15-35 pounds during the first week two weeks of induction, this in itself can motivate a person. You just have to keep your mind on the goal, and push through to success.