If you are traveling through the southeastern United States, chances are Atlanta is a top destination on your trip's itinerary. Atlanta is one of the top business cities in America, housing the headquarters of the 4th most Fortune 500 companies in the United States; It is also the transportation hub of the southeastern US. Atlanta also has a thriving club scene and nightlife - of it's night clubs and dance clubs are the highlights.

The first place to check out in Atlanta for the trendiest night spots is the midtown district. This area has innumerable number of bars and clubs to suit every budget and taste. The smartest thing to do would be to park your car and explore this area by foot - and there's a lot to explore.

Check out Cosmopolitan and Lava Lounge. This classy establishment has three levels and also has five bars. Careful what you wear though. They are very sticky about proper clothing. Smart casuals would be a good idea.

Walk into Door 44, again in the Midtown area. This very upscale nightclub is all decked up in black leather and red accents. Door 44 too has multiple bars and many dancing levels. Door 44 can be pretty expensive, so make sure that your wallet is loaded. But rest assured that the atmosphere will floor you.

Atlanta NightclubsAnother not to missed Atlanta Night club is Sutra. Voted among the best 100 nightclubs in the US by Restaurant and Nightclub magazine, Sutra has a smaller and intimate ambience as compared to many night clubs.

If you want to rub shoulders with the Atlanta elite don't miss Whiskey Park. This bar lounge can tend to be bit pricey, but the chic atmosphere and the food here makes it well worth the money.

Atlanta night clubs suits every style of letting loose – be it the chic style in Buckhead or a trendy cosmopolitan scene from Midtown or Virginia Highland's laid- back vibe. Renowned restaurants, exotic lounges, world - class night clubs and myriad attractions keep the party going through the night.

When the sun goes down, some of the hottest Atlanta night club doors open. Atlanta's legendary clubs of both past and present have high music insight. Most of the world's famous DJs, turn tab lists from hip-pop to rock to reggae and every other known music and dance genre have made Atlanta their home.

There are countless nightclubs and hotspots in Atlanta. Special concerts every night and in every club are a common occurrence. While some of the heady nightclub's special concerts are tailor -made, they serve one special night of their choice every week. Wednesday Wind down at Centennial Olympic Park, Turner First Thursdays Art Walk at downtown, Friday Jazz at High Museum of Art and Fernbank's Martinis are some of those.

You need to be a real party animal, if you want to make the most of Atlanta's nightlife. Atlanta's club scene is full of options because of which you can plan for anything. These could vary from hitting the bars to visiting the sports bars, enjoying a bit of comedy or dance & variety entertainment, jazz, blues or live music to enjoying the country's finest symphony orchestra. There are strippers clubs, swingers clubs, adult/exotic clubs, movie theatres, restaurants and many more.

Atlanta's night clubs have gained popularity in recent times due to the rapid influx of visitors and tourists to the city, who vie to be an active part of these clubs. They have heard so much from their friends, musicians from the city or even seen it for themselves in movies. However, the first thing you will notice is that you can't expect to get into a club of your choice. Certain clubs will be slow one night, someone might be hosting a private party or an exclusive club event and likewise.

Night Club Opera Atlanta, Crescent Avenue, is one of the hottest night clubs in Atlanta. Will Bills Atlanta in Duluth is America's largest dance club and concert hall. Haunted hotel 2k9, The Masquerade, Electra Lounge, Café Red Train, Encore, Aiko, Studio 72 and Fever are some of the happening night clubs in Atlanta.

Atlanta attracts partygoers from all over the world. Concerts, live performances by DJ's, special events etc. are held throughout the district. You need to have Atlanta club tickets for most of the events. Whether you are planning to visit the Atlanta night-out for the first time or just eyeing the hottest club events, you need to do all your bookings in advance.

Most of the Atlanta club lists will let you know what exactly to expect, before heading into an Atlanta night club. You need to check out for upcoming as well as weekly events and everything else you will need to know while clubbing in Atlanta.