Atlantis and Lemuria

Ancient astronaut theory

While visiting my father recently in Wales, I found an old notebook I had left at his house that contained lyrics and poems I had written many years ago. One of them is the following poem entitled Atlantean Memory and I am pretty certain this was written some time in the early '70s.

It is looking at the mystery of life and questions the theory of evolution. It also makes reference to the idea that long long ago that there was once a Golden Age in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. I believe that they did exist and that Lemuria was also known as Mu, the Motherland.

The idea that 'God was an astronaut,' and the term 'ancient astronauts,' had been popularised by author Erich von Däniken, and also promoted by other writers and researchers, such as Michael Tsarion and Lloyd Pye. I am a firm believer in the theory that we were created by extraterrestrials who either brought us here in the first place, or mixed alien DNA with a species of early human that lived on the planet. It is possible that both these things happened?

Athanasius Kircher's Atlantis

Image of Atlantis by Athanasius Kircher
Credit: In Public Domain

Atlantean Memory

We’ve got to get back to Atlantis and follow paths of the ancient ways,

And construct again the cosmic temples,

Respecting the sun god’s ways.

We must bow down to our ancestors that we still cannot know,

And discover the secret wisdom of golden days of so long ago.

Try to find in your mind memory of who you are,

Are you a product of evolution

Or a fallen super-child from the stars?

Try to live according to the laws of our forefathers who might have been,

Perhaps they brought their seed to this planet when primeval forests grew lush and green.

Did they see the dinosaurs from starships in the sky?

Is it true that in that Golden Age men of power like birds could fly?

Try to find in your mind memory of the universal brotherhood,

When all nature was natural, before evil when all was good.

All the scriptures tell it concerning the deluge of waters,

But are all the women of today Mother Eve’s daughters,

And who was Adam, did he wear a space-suit?

Was he the bringer of the human to the Earth,

And did his female eat the fruit?

Try to find in your mind memory of how to live,

In accordance with the principles which take away and give.

What’s the difference between homo sapiens

And the monkey he’s supposed to have left behind,

Are we the same and just animals too or of a different kind?

Try to find in your mind memory of before the split,

From ape to man or superhuman all coloured races from a far planet.

Let us find our powers and see our home in future and the past,

Let us keep the laws that allow no wars and find the peace that will ever last.

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