atlas snowshoes


fit well

become one with your boot, so it feels like an extension of your boots, and you balance well.


easy to take off and put on, even in the snow

long lasting

affordable winter sport

tempered steel cleats dig into snow and ice


you need to wear snow pants, as snowshoeing will kick up snow at the back of your legs

Full Review

If you are looking for a different activity this winter to do, then why not try snowshoes? As a beginner at this sport, I found The Atlas snowshoe to be the best. I am now starting on my 3rd year with the same set, and I really used them well during the last couple of seasons.

Atlas snowshoes, are very durable, and fit over any boot. I wear big hiker boots because I trip easily in the winter, and did not want to be buying new boots just for the snowshoes. I was not sure if I would even like this sport, and did not want to be investing hundreds.

I found the Atlas snowshoes, especially the 8 series to fit the bill for me. I had originally tried the original native leather snowshoes with a friend, and did not like that, and am not a big fan of cross country skiing. I mostly just walk in the winter, but longed to go through the fields at the back of our house like I do in the summer months, but living north of Toronto, that snow can get awfully deep for regular winter boots. So, I decided to invest in a pair of Atlas snowshoes, in the 8 series, which are great for beginners.

As you can see in the picture, they are not "fat" or too wide or too cumbersome, they go on very easily and come off easily. I found they became "one" with my boots and they began to feel just like an extension of me. I was able to wander through the forest paths and many fields without too much trouble. They are able to dig into the snow to help keep you stable, with these "cleats" that really dig in. I actually felt less scared walking the snowy fields and paths with my Atlas snowshoes 8 series on than I would just in hiking boots.

I was able to climb some hills with my Atlas snowshoes, and for the first time, I actually began to enjoy a winter sport. Not being a big winter sport fan, this was a way for me to enjoy the great outdoors without fear of falling. I am actually trying to convince my 77 year old mother to try these, as she still goes out walking in the depths of winter, and I think she would feel safer in properly fitted Atlas snowshoes.

Atlas snowshoes in the 8 series, are made for women too, and you can get them for the smallest of feet!

They have a strap binding, that fits well. Just make sure you bring the boots you are planning to wear with them when you go to purchase a pair, it makes it easier to get the right size for you. They have a durable aluminum frame, and those cleats are tempered steel.

I have used them two seasons now, and they are as good as new for this season. If they fit right, you should not feel them swinging around, they should fit tight to your boots or shoes, and then you will feel very comfortable on those snowy paths this year with your Atlas snowshoes. We actually tire the dogs out on these walking trips more than we do ourselves, my husband has joined me with his new pair as well, now if only they made snowshoes for dogs, then we would be set!

Depending on where you live, you are looking at about $105.00 dollars for a pair of Atlas snowshoes in the 8 series. There are many other styles that may suit you as well such as theAtlas Backcountry Snowshoe So, don't just watch the snow this winter, just because you don't ski or cross country ski, you can still enjoy some exercise this winter and get some fresh air. Try a pair of Atlas Snowshoes and get walking!

In Closing

I highly recommend these atlas snowshoes series 8, as they are a great beginner snowshoe, but last a good long time. This is a fun way to still enjoy the hiking and walks you do the rest of the year. If you are wearing these Atlas snowshoes, you will feel more confident and not fear falling the same way as you would with regular winter boots on.