Atopica for Dogs is a new way to treat atopic dermatitis (skin allergies). It is a real breakthrough as it is a non-steroidal treatment that may be used over the long term with little risk of side effects. Steroid creams are never a good choice for long-term treatment, but sadly for some dogs they really did offer the only relief until Atopica was released.

Allergies in dogs are not uncommon and are usually exacerbated by their living with us. Tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen and all the allergens that so often affect us can affect our pets too. The issue is often compounded because dogs simply scratch and scratch without knowing they can actually cause more problems. The itch causes scratching but that can cause broken skin, more irritation and soreness and even infection if your pet is particularly unlucky.

Atopica works to reduce the dog's own immune response to allergens which is the thing that sets off the reaction in hyper sensitive dogs. Most dogs start off being given one Atopica capsule per day. Then when the original lesions and irritation have been brought under control, the dosage is reduced to a minimum requirement to prevent new flare ups. Since some dogs experience skin sensitivities only on a seasonal basis (particularly when pollen is the culprit), they can be treated with Atopica for Dogs on a seasonal basis, starting prior to the expected start of allergy season.

Atopica for Dogs is a prescription only medicine that should be used on your dog under the supervision of your vet. However there is no reason why you cannot buy the atopic dermatitis medicine elsewhere. Online pet medicine outlets can offer great savings on all manner of prescription pet meds including Atopica.

When you find your source of Discount Atopica you will simply need to forward the prescription onto the online pharmacy once you have placed your order. Once received the medication will bedispatched. If you find Atopica for Dogs works for your pet it is likely to be a regular purchase over the years so it makes sense to find the most economical source.