If you suffer from panic attacks there are times when you may feel like attacking anxiety and depression at their root causes to help you find a cure for anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder can become more than a nuisance, and pose a true threat to both you physical and mental health.

If you see your doctor, the first thing they will likely do is to prescribe and antidepressant and then perhaps a valium like drug to calm the incidences of anxiety and the associated panic attacks you are experiencing. The common theory is that if you control the anxiety symptoms you will be less likely to have a full blown anxiety or panic attack. Well, it is nice to feel calmer, but the treatments are not always worth the side affects. What they don't tell you is that the reason you will need the antidepressant is because the valium and similar classed drugs used to treat anxiety and its related symptoms will likely make you depressed. They also will carry a dependency even with a relatively short term period of use.

Antidepressants have their own sets of issues from not doing the job properly to cure your depression to sexual side effects making the act anything but satisfying. Not a great way to improve yor qality of life, but at least your anxiety will be under control.

If you have relatively mild anxiety and can for the most part manage without medication you may want to try these self help natural anxiety remedies first:

1. Get plenty of sleep. We are able to cope better and reason more effectively when we are rested.

2. Watch your diet. Cut out any food or beverage that can make you either jittery or cause depression. orget the caffeine, alcohol, sugary foods, over processed carbohydrates and any other food that you know you are sensitive to.

3. Stay out of situations that make you feel nervous. Try to keep your stress levels under control in order to avoid starting the cycle of nervousness, awareness of anxiety, agitation, and full blown panic attack.

4. Get plenty of exercise. We are much more relaxed and considerably less stressed when we get regular exercise. As an added bonus, recent research indicates that we sleep more deeply and ultimately are more rested with regular cardio exercise. Cardio is a great anxiety buster.

Attacking anxiety and depression at their root causes are a good place to start before moving towards drug treatment for the disorder. However, if you feel that your symptoms are either worsening or not improving, seek professional advice. Worsening symptoms are a good indication for the need for medical intervention.