With the state of today's economy and job market many people are sitting at home unemployed, looking for work, and collecting an unemployment check. But the reality is that without college training you are not able to compete in today's job market. What you need is an edge and that edge is a college education. But how do you attend college, stop your job search, but continue to receive your unemployment check?

The answer is simple you must apply for commissioner approved training. Commissioner approved training allows you to stop your job search while you are in training at a college. While attending college to be approved for commissioner approved training you must be attending training or a college to pursue an in-demand occupation. This means that when you complete your college training that you will have skills that allow you to get a job that is in demand and available in your local labor market. You also must have been laid off from a position that is no longer in demand in your local labor market, rendering you unable to find employment in your field.

For example: you are a laid off from an auto dealership where you worked as a mechanic because the dealership has closed due to lack of sales. If in your area mechanics are still in-demand you are not eligible for commissioner approved training because you have an in-demand skill that should be able to get you employment. But if mechanic is not an in-demand skill you will likely be approved for commissioner approved training.

Being approved for commissioner approved training does not mean that you will receive any funding for your college education or training it only means that you are allowed to attend training and to not have to job search. If you are denied commissioner approved training and you choose to attend college you will need to continue your weekly job search, making sure to complete your weekly job logs. If you turn down a job offer to continue your training and you are not approved for commissioner approved training you will be in jeopardy of losing your unemployment benefits.

Once you have been approved for commissioner approved training you must maintain your status as a full time student to be in compliance with the employment security department and to continue receiving unemployment training benefits while in college. If your student status falls below full time it must only because there are no classes available to you or you are in the last quarter or semester of your college degree or certificate. You are not allowed to take classes outside of the degree you are seeking to maintain your status as a full time student.

To apply for commissioner approved training, download an application from your states unemployment department, make an appointment with your college of choice's worker retraining specialist to fill it out. Follow the direction of the application exactly and mail or fax it in.

It is possible to attend college and keep receiving your unemployment check but remember you must get it approved by your states unemployment department.