Joyce Meyer tours the country frequently and hosts weekend conferences including the Women's Conference. These venues feature Christian artists, guest speakers, uplifting messages and music and group worship services. Conferences do not cost money with the exception the Women's Conference in St. Louis each year during the second or third week in September.

Things You Will Need

You'll need transportation and possibly Internet access to see her complete schedule. If you do not have those, then a TV.

Step 1

Plan your travels. If you will have to travel by car, make sure you arrive on Friday night of the conference weekend so you do not miss anything, as the Joyce Meyer conference runs all weekend. Book airline, train or bus tickets as far in advance as possible. You can call ahead to make sure there is room at the conference or go online to find out more details about a particular conference date you are interested in attending.

Step 2

Stay at a nearby hotel and consider sharing costs and rooms with other conference members that you know or staying with family, friends or business associates. You will need two nights of lodging and 2 1/2 days worth of snacks, meals and beverages

Step 3

Bring your Bible, pens and a notebook with you to the conference. It may even help you to have a highlighter so you can highlight the areas Meyer emphasizes. Taking notes will help you remember the conference better.

Bring your enthusiasm, as Meyer prefers an interactive audience. Make sure you are ready to go and have gotten enough rest the night before. Try to focus on the conference as much as possible and make sure your mind does not go off the topic.

Money doesn't hurt, either in case you want to purchase some of the conference materials. This is not required.

Step 4

Dress casually but comfortably. Make sure you do your hair and makeup as you may be on TV at a later time! Don't forget your glasses or contacts for reading or seeing far away, as most likely you will not be up close.
Get your tickets as soon as you know you are going for your own peace of mind. Enjoy the conference and be ready to put into practice the things Joyce teaches you on that weekend.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Bring bottled water and a jacket so you are comfortable during the conference, as temperatures can vary and it is not always feasible to get up to get a beverage.
    You can see conference highlights on many TV stations such as Daystar and local television stations.
    You will get more out of the conference if you bring companions.