With the recent successful IPO of big data company Splunk (ticker symbol: SPLK), both enterprise users and Wall Street investors are showing their interest in the possibilities and growth of big data. This trend represents the options for both structured and unstructured big data to provide new and valuable decision-making insights. Big Data and the move toward analytics as a service provides an update to the traditional data mining of business intelligence, and represents what could become one of the most useful aspects of the cloud computing revolution.

The Splunk IPO, an arrival for a company founded in 2004, that boasts Bank of America, Comcast, and Harvard University among its 3700 customers -- is recent proof the big data is now going mainstream. Other companies like IBM, EMC, and privately-held Cloudera are also focused on this space, and the analysis possibilities of big data - both real time and predictive analytics.

If you want to understand how big data will harness cloud scalability and impact many sectors (private, enterprise, and governments), then you should attend on of the many big data conferences being held in 2012 around the globe.

big_data_conference_2012_hadoop_summit_business_intelligenceHere is a select list of upcoming 2012 Industry, Investment, and Government Big Data Conferences:

*April 25, 2012: Cloud Analytics Summit, Mountain View, CA

*May 7 -11, 2012: From Data to Knowledge, University of California, Berkeley, CA. 

*May 8 - 9, 2012: Big Data Conference: Applications and Analytics for Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security, Washington, D.C.

This Big Data conference, to be held at the Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, VA, will feature experts from ODNI, USAF/ISR, Army G-2, HQ USN, DCGS-A, NGA, NITRD, DIA, FBI, AFOSR, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Microsoft, CSC, EMC, Oracle, MAV6, IMI, Teradata, Concurrent, Cray, Kitware, Smartronix, BAH, NT Concepts, Lucid and Basis. The event topics include “Government Strategy, Policy, Plans and Initiatives”, “Identifying High-Value Missions and Applications”, “Flexibility, Scalability and Security Issues and Solutions”, “Using The Latest Tools and Technologies – Predictive Analytics, Semantics, Cloud, Metadata, etc.”, “BDA Implementation: Collection, Processing, Management and Dissemination Strategies and Techniques”, and BDA in the Enterprise Architecture.”

The conference keynote address will be given by MS. DAWN MEYERRIECKS, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition and Technology, (ODNI), in a presentation entitled “Data Analytics and the Intelligence Mission”. The fee for attending is $1290 per registrant, or $500 for military.

*May 9, 2012: The Accel Big Data Conference, Stanford, CA.

This conference will be presented at the Arrillaga Center at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, and is sponsored by Accel Partners, which now runs a Big Data Fund for investors and entrepreneurs. The program includes such topics as “The State of Hadoop: The Elephant Has Left the Room”, “Next-Gen Big Data Platforms: The Real-Time Stampede”, “Big Data in Production: How Enterprises are Dealing with Big Data”, “Data Driven Applications: What Can Big Data Do for Me?”, “Data Applications: How to Get Value from All the Big Data”, “Academia: What Big Data Research Will Make the Leap to Industry Next?”, and “Cloud Infrastructure: Big Data Building Blocks.” The speakers list include industry presenters from Amazon, Cloudera, Facebook, Couchbase, Hadoop, MetaMarkets, Splunk, QlikView, JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Palantir, Walmart Labs, and more. A single day conference geared toward developers, architects, data analysts, and scientists, startups, CIOs and IT professionals, the Accel Partners event runs 10am to 5pm on 5/9/12, with a reception to follow. The full pass is $495, and a student ticket is only $15.

*May 10, 2012: Informatica Data Centric Enterprise Summit: Dubai 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

*May 23 - 24, 2012: The Glue Conference (Gluecon 2012), Broomfield, CO

Glue_conference_developers_big_data_2012This conference, hosted at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, CO, is focused on developers. Developers are the ones “building in the cloud, building mobile applications, utilizing and building APIs, and working with big data”. Gluecon will cover topics like cloud platforms, cloud management and security, cloud storage, NoSQL, Hadoop, API's, Node.js, HTML5, Backend-as-a-Service, DevOps, Mobile App development, and more. The conference runs 8am Wednesday, 23 May to 5pm Thursday with a registration fee of $795. Speakers include respected industry experts from Juniper Networks, AT&T, MongoLab, Cloudant, Netflix, VMware, Salesforce.com, Yammer, 3Scale, Apigee, MarkLogic, SQLStream, and others.

*June 13 - 14, 2012: Hadoop Summit 2012: Enabling the Next Generation Data Platform, San Jose, CA.

The 5th Annual Hadoop Summit is hosted by Hortonworks and Yahoo! and will be held at the San Jose Convention Center. The registration fee through June 3 is $599, and $700 afterwards. The presentations will include discussions of real time analysis, predictive analytics on Hadoop, analyzing multi-structured data, behavioral analytics, and more. Speakers include industry experts from Twitter, PayPal, Adobe Systems, Inc., SAP, Hadapt, Ovum, Kitenga, Datameer, and others. For $1199 or $1999 attendees can attend the conference and either a 1-day or 2-day training course respectively on Hadoop (either how it works, or developing solutions for Apache Hadoop). Hadoop Summit is intended to be “an excellent network environment for developers, architects, administrators, data analysts, data scientists and vendors interested in advancing, extending or implementing Apache Hadoop.”

*June 14 - 15, 2012: Big Data & The Cloud, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

*September 11, 2012: Mobile 2.0 SF, San Francisco, CA

*September 13 - 14, 2012: Big Data Innovation Summit, Boston, MA

“Driving Business Success Through Big Data Science”. Early bird registration is $1195 which includes on-demand access to conference presentations for 30 days after the event.

*October 23 - 25, 2012: O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World: Tools and Technques That Make Data Work, New York, NY

This conference is co-produced by O’Reilly Media and Cloudera. In its second year, and combining with Hadoop World and the Apache Hadoop community -- this will make Strata the big data event of the year. Since this conference is still soliciting speakers the program has not been announced. Conference topics should included data, business, and interfaces -- including the Hadoop ecosystem, real-time data processing and analytics, crowdsourcing, data acquisition and cleaning, data distribution and markets, data science best practice, predictive analytics, machine learning, data security. Conference registration opens in early June. The Strata Conference is for developers, data scientists, data analysts, and other data professionals.