Conquer those killer myths that keep you from achieving your bodybuilding goals!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have the body that women desire and men envy? It's possible to achieve the results that you long for, if you follow the right plan. You do have a plan, right? Unfortunately there are some in bodybuilding that believe every new advertisement that hits the market. They are looking for the perfect product to create the perfect body. The reality is that some of these products are based on myths, not reality, not fact!

You can't reach your goals if you buy into the myths.

Myths come in every flavor; some bodybuilding myths will stop you from starting, some will squeeze the life right out of your goals! You'll be told you need this equipment, or that supplement, anything to keep you from learning the truth! Have you ever followed a workout plan for a substantial length of time and placed a before and after picture side by side and can't find one bit of difference? If you have, then you have swallowed one of the most devastating myths in bodybuilding! What we've learned is there are different workouts required for each bodytype. The prevailing opinion would have you believe that you should just follow the outrageous routines of the champion bodybuilders. Many of the bodybuilding channels write like it's a fact, but we know that facts aren't checked much today!

Why advertisers create some myths!

When you have the need to create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will separate your business from the killer competition, there is a tendency to create facts. In the U.S. the advertising industry is not as regulated as many countries. Therefore some advertisers have created a few myths. The media and advertising industries have one goal, to sell products. Sales drive the business world.

Why businesses create some myths!

Just like the advertising world, businesses create myths to justify their products! If you look at some of the hype on the supplement websites I think you'll agree! It would lead you to believe it will be impossible to get your body to look perfect without using the supplement they are pushing. This would make you wonder how all the bodybuilders of the past were able to achieve the results they did before supplements.

We've examined several reasons why myths get started, now we will look at three specific myths!

Beware: Your muscle will turn to fat!

This is a really big myth! I've talked to people that refuse to workout with weights because they believe that when they get older and stop lifting their muscle will turn to fat. You probably know someone that used to workout and then stopped and gained weight. It does happen, but it's not muscle turning to fat. It's failure to control their diet after they stopped their bodybuilding.

Muscle and fat tissue are completely different.

The real problem here is simple math. When you're working out 3 to 5 times a week and you're burning through more calories than you are eating, you're going to lose weight. And that's a fact. To put it another way, if you eat 6,000 calories a day and you're no longer burning those calories, but now your burning around 1,500 a day. You're going to store in fat around 4,500 calories. Muscle doesn't turn to fat, but fat will definitely surround your body…and settle in a few notorious places…and make you giggle like Jell-O when you try to run. Which brings us to the next myth!

You will be muscle-bound and useless.

I love this myth, because it is so far from the truth. Only a select few bodybuilders will ever add so much muscle mass that it will restrict the things they want to do. The majority of bodybuilders just want to tone-up their body and lose weight. It takes a lot of effort to put on the kind of muscle mass for it to be a problem for the average bodybuilder. Plus the fact that most bodybuilders are "hard gainers" anyhow and we know the "genetically blessed" are the only group that would ever have this problem. So relax...hit the gym...have fun, and keep identifying those myths and smash them.