Screw Your Party Affiliation and Vote For What Makes Sense To YOU

Right now, United States citizens are focused on the presidential election and they should be. I strongly believe that Americans should vote for the person whose policies and strategies benefit them along with their family versus simply voting for someone based on their political affiliation.

That US Government Class That American Voters Took In High School Was Suppose To Help

American voters should have a better understanding of how the federal government operates. Before all of the conspiracy theorist start with the Bilderberg Group and Illuminati rhetoric, when I say that Americans should understand how the federal government operates, I mean that literally. To all my fellow US citizens, who are eligible to vote, I think we all took a course in high school that explained the inner workings of our government.

The Concept Of “Separation Of Powers” Should Be Reviewed Before Voting

In the US government class, that most US high school students are required to pass in order to graduate, we learned that the federal government had three branches of government. These branches are the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. We also learned the concept of the separation of powers, which has significantly affected the current presidency. The fact of the matter is that in order for any legislation to be passed in the United States you need the cooperation or majority approval of all branches of government. This effectively means that all branches of government should be working together for the benefit of the American people regardless of their respective party affiliations. 

Checks And Balances

Who Should Be Voted Out?

Frankly, if there are any members of the three branches of government who not willing to work together with the other branches government, with the interest of the American people in mind, then those member should not be representatives of the people. As voters you should identify these members and vote them out.

Experience Running A Corporation Qualifies You To Be President Of The United States

During the current election, many of the president’s opposition have said that the current president does not know how to lead. They argue that the current president does not have any experience running a business so, obviously, he does not understand how to run a country. The opposition of the current president contends that a candidate that has experience running a business will have success running the country.

The problem with this notion is that being the President and Chief Executive of the United States (POTUS) is extremely different from being the President and Chief Executive of a corporation.

The Concept Of “Separation of Powers” And The President Of The United States

While the POTUS is considered to be the most powerful position on earth, his power is matched by the power of the entire US Congress (Legislative Branch) and the US Supreme Court (Judicial Branch). The POTUS can propose policy and legislation all day long, but unless he has the support of the legislative branch and judicial branch it will not pass. This concept of “checks and balances or “separation of powers” is what makes the US a democracy as opposed to a dictatorship.

On the other hand corporations are operated as dictatorships. Yes, I agree it sounds cruel, but the fact of the matter is a CEO is not challenged when he makes a decision on policy or strategy. So when people contend that the position of the POTUS is the similar to a CEO of a corporation or that the experience as a CEO means that you are qualified to be POTUS, they are mistaken.

Again Vote For What Makes Sense For YOU

As an American citizen I do not care who you vote for when you vote because it’s your vote. I just hope that you would have the intelligence to vote for the person that identifies with your ideals and values along with the fact that the person supports legislation or policies that will benefit YOU. That person can be Republican or Democrat and it should not matter. Furthermore, you should understand how the government operates so that you will know where to place blame for problems in the country because our democracy does not work if all members of our government are not willing to cooperate with each other.

The Three Branches Of The US Government

The Three Branches Of The US Government

The Concept Of Checks and Balances

The Concept of Separation of Power and Check & Balances