Ten or twenty years ago the idea of distance learning was more than laughable. The very idea that one could learn at home and receive a quality education is something that was ridiculous. Before the internet exploded, the entire world of distance learning was frowned upon and often employers wouldn't even acknowledge your degree. Distance learning has grown a huge amount in the world of business. The respectability seems to have transformed with the introduction of online classes. Because online degrees are no longer being offered by just any inventive school, human resources departments are taking notice of these students.

In today's world, not every employer is onboard with distance learning or online degrees. However, the majority of them examine the degree itself before discrediting it. This has a great deal to do with the amount of legitimate colleges offering online degrees. It can come to the name on the diploma when a human resources person is deciding to accept the qualifications or not. Although it is more a case of the few schools that are not legitimate verses those that are. A little bit of research can nip this potential problem in the bud. In reality, there are so many online and distance learning courses that are completely valid that it's virtually impossible to find one that's not.

The most accepted of online degrees are those involving some sort of technical or computer training, as well as accounting or some other type specific skill set. More and more schools are accepting online degrees in education. This is especially true for existing teachers who are furthering their education to receive their Master's or Doctorate degrees. For those interested in pursuing a certain line of work as a result of their online degree it may be beneficial to check/ask around to find out if there is a stigma attached to an online degree in that field.

A recent study by the Society of Human Resource Management showed that most HR managers had hired a great deal of candidates with online degrees. They expressed up to a 79% increase in this type of hiring in just the last five years. So in reality, for those pursuing an online degree today and are completing a four year degree or adding to one they already have, there is virtually no need to worry about the possibility of being hired. For those that take online classes from an already reputable college there is no need to worry about obtaining a job.