There are ways to attract advertisers to your blog to make you money. If you have a blog, then consider some of the following tips to make your blog more appealing for new advertisers. Advertising, especially private advertising, is one of the best ways to make passive income with your blog. Advertisers look for key elements in the blogs that they market in and by making your blog more appealing, the more likely advertisers will approach you for advertising opportunities.

Stay Focused.
What exactly is your blog about? Having a niche blog is the best way to narrow down specific readers and to allow advertisers to find you faster, granted you are aiming your blog toward the same demographic as they are aiming their products.

For instance, a blog about golfing could attract advertisers selling golf clubs, golf gear, golf clothes, etc... If your blog is all over the place it becomes confusing for both readers and advertisers, so consider narrowing down the focus of your blog. If you are interested in a lot of different subjects, then consider starting multiple blogs although that may make it hard to...

Post Frequently.
Advertisers want to see that the blog is active and frequent posts will ensure that. Not only does an active blog make advertisers happy, it makes your readers happy too. How often have you unsubscribed to a blog because it seemed like the owner had just disappeared after only a few posts? Having more posts also gives your readers more information to chew on, encouraging them to stick around and read more -- which is better for you, the blog, and the advertisers.

Get Active.
There are lots of ways to get active and network your blog within the industry. Visit similar blogs and leave relevant posts. Exchange links with other popular and related blogs (avoid direct competitors). Join blog directories and catalogs. Join blog carnivals. The point is to make your blog known. The more your blog is out there, the more you will attract a large readership and the more likely a private advertiser is going to notice. So get busy!

Interact with Your Readers.
If time permits, respond to comments, visit readers' blogs, make relevant comments on their blogs. Interacting with your readers makes your readers feel welcome and also helps to keep them coming back. Having a large following of readers is one of the key elements that will attract advertisers to your blog to make money.

Track Your Traffic.
Set up Google Analytics (it's free) and start tracking your visitors. Google Analytics gives you a ton of great information about your visitors that will help you to make your blog better. Tracking your visitors is also a great leverage that you can use when signing up private advertisers. You want to be certain that you can prove that you have the traffic you say you have. And over time, as your traffic increases, you can start charging more for advertising.

Make Your Contact Information Available.
If you are in the market for new advertisers, then make sure that your contact information is available. You do not want potential advertisers turned off by your blog because they can't even find your contact information.