As a former college student, I know what attracts others to a cafe or coffee shop. Most local patrons will scope out a cafe or coffee shop to find just the right mix of what they need and continue to visit that coffee shop. Here are some key elements that make for a great coffee shop:

Offer free wireless internet.
Nowadays students, business persons, freelance writers, and people from all walks of life carry their laptop everywhere and enjoy working outside the home. And what better place to work than your coffee shop? The catch is that these wandering people often need an internet connection in order to work. Having strong and steady free wireless internet available in your coffee shop is a great way to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Keep your bathrooms clean.
If you want customers to feel comfortable at your coffee shop, then make sure that your bathrooms are clean and well-stocked.

Have an abundance of electrical outlets.
As mentioned before, laptops are becoming as common as a cell phone for many people. Having a lot of well-placed electrical outlets will ensure that customers continue to come back.

Make your cafe part of the community.
There are some ways to make your cafe or coffee shop attractive to the local community. Consider displaying art of local artists and photographers. Or hosting poetry night with free hot tea. Once your business becomes known for local events, more patrons will be drawn to getting their daily cup of joe there just to see what's new!

Sell more than just coffee.
If your coffee shop becomes known for great internet, lots of outlets, and clean bathrooms, you will likely attract customers who want to stay for long periods of time - this is a good thing! These customers will eventually want something to snack on or a light meal, so consider having a light menu available or pastries for all of your hungry customers.

Have a coffee club punch card.
A coffee club punch card is an easy and effective program to implement. If you are near a school or business park, then the more effective the program will be. Not only will you have repeat customers because they want that free 13th drink, but the name and logo will become familiar to them if they keep the punch card in their wallet or car. That being said, make sure that your punch cards are designed well because it essentially works as a mini advertisement for your cafe or coffee shop.