Hummingbirds are beautiful little birds that are so much fun to watch. They seem to float around because their wings beat so quickly you can't see them move. Hummingbirds beat their wings as fast as 80 to 90 times per second. Hummingbirds eat bugs which is why it is a good idea to attract hummingbirds to your yard.


Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red and nectar or sweet-water.

To attract Hummingbirds, hang a hummingbird-feeder in your yard or garden. Hang the feeder in a shady area, out of the direct sun. Do not hang hummingbird-feeders near windows because a distracted Hummingbird can get hurt if he or she flies into it. Fill your hummingbird-feeder with sweet-water. To make sweet-water dissolve 1 cup of sugar into 4 cups of boiling water and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature before using.





If you don't want to buy a hummingbird-feeder, make one. Buy a water bottle from a pet store. You will need the type that is hung on the side of a cage. Paint the water bottle with non-toxic bright red craft paint.

Tie a ribbon around the bottle, fill the hummingbird-feeder with sweet-water and hang in a shady are of your yard/garden.

The sweet-water in your humming-bird-feeder needs to be changed every other day. Bacteria can form quickly in the sweet-water and cause the humming-birds to become sick and die.


Plant a humming-bird flower garden. humming-birds love red flowers. Some favorite red flowers for humming-birds are Scarlet Petunias, Trumpet honeysuckles, Scarlet Morning Glories, Red Buckeyes, Scarlet Salvia, Foxglove and many, many others. Look for red flowers with long tubes for the humming-birds to gather nectar. Do not use any type of insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers in your humming-bird garden.






Plant small trees or hang a line for the tired Hummingbirds to rest on. Hummingbirds require peaceful shaded areas of rest often because they work so hard flying around.











A Hummingbirds day is mainly spent eating and looking for food so if you provide them with food and a place to rest their wings, they will come.