They fly, they float, they dance on air, they are Monarch-Butterflies. Monarch-Butterflies are so peaceful and relaxing to watch as they flit about in the air. Children giggle and squeal with delight as they run through the garden and around the yard with a butterfly net tight in their grip trying to catch the ever elusive monarch-butterfly. Monarch-Butterflies bring back wonderful childhood moments and scream summer is here. If you wonder why you don't have Monarch-Butterflies in your yard, maybe you aren't cultivating a butterfly friendly garden.


Many homeowners do their best to to plant beautiful lavish gardens with seating areas that provide their daily dose of relaxation. In the case of Monarch-Butterflies, simply planting a garden is not a call for them to come and see what you have. The beautiful floating butterflies need a bit more than just your ordinary, run of the mill, flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. They are more specific in their likes and dislikes.

Where to Plant a monarch-butterfly Attracting Garden

The spot to plant your garden is very important when attempting to attract these beautiful creatures. Choose a sunny spot to plant your butterfly garden. Monarch-Butterflies love the sun.

What Size Should Your Garden Be

Butterfly gardens do not have to be large. The more flowers and plants you have over a large space, the more Monarch-Butterflies you will attract, but just because you are limited for space doesn't mean you can't attract any.  Plants and flowers that Monarch-Butterflies are attracted to can be planted on patios in containers or in window boxes.

What Type of Flowers Are Monarch-Butterflies Attracted To?

Monarch-Butterflies love vivid, colorful flowers. Plant your flowers in groupings. Butterflies will not be attracted to one single plant planted in a patio container. Plant a few different types and colors of flowers in a patio container. You can also plant flowers in a few patio containers and group them together in a sunny spot.

Favorite Flowers for Monarch-Butterflies

Some favorite flowers include Purple Cornflower, Thistle, Verbena, Strawflowers along with other colorful flowers that do not have long flower tubes. Monarch-Butterflies prefer shorter flower tubes because they can reach the nectar inside of the flower.

Plant colorful, flowering vines on trellises to encourage Monarch-Butterflies to lay eggs. Place your trellises around your garden to create a beautiful butterfly habitat.

Besides Flowers -- What Attracts a monarch-butterfly?

Monarch-Butterflies are also attracted to shallow, muddy puddles. Butterflies get some of their nutrients from drinking from muddy puddles. Make your own small shallow mud puddles in between your flowers. Place small stones in the mud puddles so the Monarch-Butterflies have a dry area to land and feed.

Give Monarch-Butterflies sugar water to drink. Place the sugar water in small,

shallow bowls throughout your garden. Be sure to change the sugar water daily and rinse the bowls to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Never use any insecticides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or chemical weed control in your Butterfly garden. These chemicals will kill Monarch-Butterflies.