A bingo hall is no fun if it’s not full of people having a good time. The social element is why lots of people play bingo, in addition to the chance of winning a big prize. When you’re running a bingo game, it’s important to pack the house for a whole host of reasons. Your bottom line definitely looks a lot better when you have a full house of happy players every weekend. Plus, you’re giving people something fun to do besides watch television. There’s a calming aspect of sitting quietly in a chair with a couple of bingo cards, waiting for the bingo balls to stop rolling. It’s an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to increase attendance and enthusiasm for your bingo games.

            First, you want to be sure you’re getting the word out. After all, people can’t frequent your games if they don’t even know about them. Take out some advertising in your local paper or on public access television. A modest investment in spreading the word will pay dividends in more players and more money coming in the door. Be sure that your advertisements include the location and times for your games, as well as any entry fees. Write copy that makes the game sound as exciting as it really is, and you’ll see an uptick in players in no time.

            Informing the public about your game is a good first step in drumming up enthusiasm. Once you have some new faces coming in the door, you have to devise a strategy to make sure they come back. The pleasing sound of the bingo cage is enough for some, but most people want a little more. If you want to get the younger set interested in the game, consider adding a live music session to the evening. Serving some quick snacks and drinks is another way to earn loyal, happy patrons.

            There’s only one reason most people play bingo. It’s not because they like to use their NASCAR bingo daubers or Elvis Presley bingo chips. No, it’s because there’s a small chance to win big money. With that in mind, you should think of ways to make sure that everyone feels like a winner, even if they don’t win the big bingo jackpot. Giving away T-shirts or movie tickets is one way to send people home happy. Or, you might sell raffle tickets to a special drawing for a secret prize. The more creative you can get with how you reward your patrons, the happier they will be to come back.

            When a game stays the same week after week, it gets dull. Adding some variety to your bingo game will keep people coming back for more. You can do this in several ways. You might change up the prizes – give out cash one day and shopping cards on another – or have theme nights that go along with special holidays or events. Specially painted bingo cards and bingo balls can also add festiveness to your game. Don’t neglect the weekdays, either. Weekday bingo players are sometimes a different crowd than weekenders, so give those people something to look forward to as well.

            A standing room only bingo hall is a dream come true for any owner. Everything begins with smart, targeted advertising. If you keep the game hip and fresh, you’ll earn a loyal following and see a crowded house every night of the week.