Gone are the days when people would frequent showrooms to buy what they wanted. The technology has boomed leaps and bounds and people now prefer to buy things online. Some simple clicks decide the fate of the product. If the company site and the content on it is unattractive, people move away to a different site. It has become difficult to keep a reader glued to your site and turn him into a potential buyer. Only smart marketing can ensure sales. Customers are demanding and they expect top level content on all the profile pages of your company. If you have set up your business online, you should incorporate marketing strategies. A social media strategy is a must and businessmen should apply it in their daily business marketing plan. If you do not succeed in doing so, you will loose all potential customers.

Why use social networking sites?

You may be wondering why is it so integral to use social networking sites as a marketing tool. If you go by the current statistics, you will be astounded to know that more than 600 million are registered on Facebook. Twitter is also not far behind and Twitter fans send approximately 143 million tweets daily to people they follow or to persons who follow them. YouTube is popular too and has over 2 billion views daily. Also people make it a point to check LinkedIn when they have to check a company's profile and worth. Such is the power of social media. One will be a fool who does not use these sites to benefit their own firms. Implementing a social media strategy is thus very important and cannot be ignored.

How do they help in marketing?

Everything in life has a wrong way and a right way. Social media marketing is not different and no exception. It is not difficult to learn all the tricks of the trade. Take LinkedIn for instance, you have to make sure that your LinkedIn profile page contains all the keywords and phrases of the relevant market. Your profile will thus be ranked and it will come in focus. Recently Twitter has become the most useful and powerful tool for marketing online. The tweets are the medium and try incorporating as much information as possible through them. Also see to it that the keywords targeted in market appear in your tweets so that people pay rapt attention.

Blog marketing: An effective tool in marketing

If you use blogs correctly they prove to be an effective online marketing tool. Blog marketing is beneficial for all companies who want to make it big in the market. Content rules the roost on internet. So it is obvious that your company needs to come up with fresh and relevant content. Also check whether the headlines are attractive and SEO friendly. SEO has certain guidelines, so follow them diligently. Your content should have the power to turn a visitor into a potential customer. So use Blog marketing to the fullest. Also blogs should be easy to access. Visitors should be able to access your blogs by a single click, so design the page accordingly. It is important to connect your blogs on Facebook. On your Facebook fan page, people should be able to view your blogs. Your content should be exemplary that people are encouraged to visit your company site. Images, videos and providing other links are techniques to garner attention and attract customers. These techniques ensure that a customer keeps coming back to your site for more each time.