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For those online buyers or sellers who are looking for a place other than eBay to shop or sell their wares there are many alternatives that offer an opportunity to participate in the world of online auctions.  For some, the eBay fees are a bit too onerous.  For others, the site is large and cumbersome and has too many rules or has lost its sense of an online community.  Whatever the reason one has chosen to look elsewhere, here are 5 auction sites that should not be missed: - Auction Sites other than eBayCredit:

1. is owned by Goodwill Industries.  Besides finding many unique items at fantastic prices, the monies raised by this non-profit organization goo toward programs for such as job training and education for those with disabilities or who are in need for other reasons.  One can find a wide variety of items such as art, craft needs, musical instruments, and so much more just by browsing this easy to use and straightforward site. This is one of the many interesting auction sites other than eBay. - Bid on Auction Sites nowCredit:

2. is a unique online auction site that hosts auctions for real estate.  One can purchase homes and business properties as well as land and even timeshares on this auction site.  There are no reserve $1 auctions as well as auctions with a set minimum bid.  Properties listed are owned privately, by banks and even by some government agencies.  The various auctions often have rules and conditions that are unique to the person or entity offering the properties. This is a very unique site that is great for investors, for those interested in as is properties and for those looking for an inexpensive way to find a home or business property for their own use. This is one of the more unique of the auction sites other than eBay.

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3. eBid is a great auction site for those looking for something different.  The site has thousands of categories that one can browse and has many unique items up for bids.  There is a huge variety, but with a unique fee structure and the possibility for free or no fee auctions this site may be very appealing to both buyers and sellers who do not want to pay fees in order to use an online auction site.  These fee structures and other subtle differences make this one of the top 5 auction sites other than eBay. - Bid on Auction Sites todayCredit:

4. is an auction site that has been growing steadily for some time now.  While the traffic is not as high as it is at eBay, the site is busy and items sell and bargains can be found.  There are categories for just about every interest.  Listings are free on this site and the seller keeps about 97% of whatever an item sells for on the site.  This site is recognized as an up and coming alternative to eBay. - Auction Sites other than eBayCredit:

5. has become a very busy site.  It is one of the higher traffic of the auction sites other than eBay.  There are items in a multitude of categories that are easily searched.  The site’s fees are a one-time monthly fee that covers usage for the entire month.  The auctions go to the highest bidder and are often competitive.  For those that want an experience very close to a live auction this site seems to be more likely to offer one making it one of the top auction sites other than eBay.