Audio Books Are Good For Your Health.

Audio Books - Good for your health and Good EntertainmentIf you are overweight then going out in the fresh air and walking is going to be good for you. But it can be a bit tedious walking your long distances at your nice brisk pace, and listening to music can get wearisome at times. So what you need is to turn to listening to audio books. You will be so lost in your story that you will forget about how far you have gone and keep going further. Often times you will be disappointed to arrive at your destination.

Be Entertained On A Train Or A Bus

It does not have to be walking though, you could be driving somewhere or sitting on a bus or a train. You can't actually read a book because your are driving or maybe the act of sitting and reading while moving gives you neck ache or a head ache. Again audio books or podcast novels, as they are sometimes called, come to the rescue. So plug in the iPod or iPad and get listening

Maybe you have a boring job that will not be impaired if you are listening to something to stop the boredom. You can't listen to music as you need the two ears for that, seeing as most music will be in stereo. You could just plug in one ear bud and listen to a story and still be able to do your job perfectly. With the iPhone the microphone is also a button that will stop and start the audio, which is great if you quickly need to stop the sound.

Where Do You Get The Audio Books From?

There a number of places to get podcasted novels and the first to look at is Podiobooks On that website you can subscribe to audio books as they are being written and being performed by the authors. So when there is a new episode you get it sent to you. What is pretty good is that you get a customised RSS feed for the episodes and can specify how often the feed updates and when it sends you the next episode. You might say you want a new chapter every day or every other day, or only weekly. If the book is completed by the author, you have had the first couple of chapters and enjoyed them enough to want more, then you can instruct the RSS feed to send all of the rest of the book in one foul swoop.

Good for Authors

At Podiobooks you decide if you want to pay the author for the book with a donation. The suggested amount is $9.99 but you can change that. You can listen to the audio book for free, but if you have had a number of hours of entertainment then you might feel it is appropriate to compensate the author for spending his or her time and creativity for writing the book. The author gets 75% of the money and the rest goes to Podiobooks to keep the service going. Better for the authors than with the remuneration possible from published paper books.

Books Are Read By The Writer Or By A Voice Artist.

Some books are read by the author and some have a professional voice artist doing the job. Most are read with one voice or reader, but some verge on being audio plays because they have a voice for each character. Whether or not the story is more like a recorded play, some also use sound effects and background music, to enhance the experience further.