Comparison Review: AT-LP60 and AT-LP120

When you’re looking to buy a turntable that will let you listen to your old or new LP’s, you need to find one that will work well. Some vinyl simply needs to be played, yet the latest technology all seems to point towards MP3 Players, and it seems that CDs are being phased out, just as vinyl once was. The great news is you can get your hands on a very high quality turntable that won’t cost a fortune, but instead it will let you listen to some of your favorite tunes once again.

Audio Technica have bought out two great turntables, which is all well and good, but if you’re shopping for one it can be hard to know which one to buy. In order to help you out a little bit, I have compared two of the best models so you have a better understanding of which is the right one for you.

Type of Turntable

The Audio Technica AT-LP60 is a fully automatic belt-drive turntable that has a servo-controlled motor. The turntable itself is made of aluminum and it has very low Wow and Flutter: less than 0.25% (WTD) @ 3 kHz (JIS). The AT-LP120 is a stereo turntable that comes with a direct drive high torque motor that starts up very quickly. The turntable itself is made of die cast aluminum and it comes with even lower Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.2% WRMS at 33RPM.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable
Amazon Price: $99.95 $74.85 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 10, 2013)


The AT-LP60 is capable of playing 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM, which covers a wide range of vinyl, both old and new. The AT-LP120 can play a slightly better range of vinyl as it’s suitable for 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM and 78 RPM vinyl. This means if you have an extensive collection of vinyl, you should have no problem playing them with ease. There are still vinyl records being made to this day, which means this turntable will give you the chance to enjoy them as often as you wish.

Audio Technica AT-LP60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable with USB Port
Amazon Price: $199.95 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Dec 10, 2013)

Size (Dimensions)

The AT-LP60’s dimensions are as follows: 14.17 (W) x 3.84 (H) x 14.02 (D) inches, this makes the turntable a reasonably good size, ensuring it can be placed on a wide range of stable flat surfaces, without taking up too much room. Please make sure you measure the surface you wish to place your new turntable on to make sure you buy one that does not project beyond it.

The AT-LP120’s dimensions are as follows: 17.72 (W) x 6.1 (H) x 13.86 (D) inches. As you can see, compared to the LP60, this model is slightly larger aside from its depth. This is due to their being a lot more functions and features available on this model, so you can enjoy a more personalized sound. The depth of this model is shallower than the LP60, which more than compensates for the extra width and height.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog)
Amazon Price: $299.95 $232.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 10, 2013)


When it comes to comparing the weight of both turntables, we can see there is a clear difference:

Model AT-LP60: 6.6 pounds
Model AT-LP120: 23.5 pounds

There is a lot of difference between the weights of the two models because the AT-LP120 is made of die cast aluminum ensuring that it’s extra-tough. 


The AT-LP60 turntable comes with:

• "45 RPM adapter
• Dual RCA to 1/8 inch mini-plug stereo adapter cable (female to male)
• Dual RCA to 1/8 inch mini-plug stereo adapter cable (female to female)"

The AT-LP120 turntable comes with: 

• "45 RPM adapter
• Headshell/cartridge
• Dual RCA to 1/8 inch mini-plug stereo adapter cable (female to female)
• Dual RCA to 1/8 inch mini-plug stereo adapter cable (female to male)"

USB Output

Many people wish to transfer their vinyl to MP3 or MP4 so they can listen to their tunes on the go. Many modern turntables come with the ability to let you do just this, while others simply let you play your favorite vinyl and nothing more. 

The AT-LP60 comes in two versions one with no USB output & one with (see above), but they do both come with an adapter that is suitable for output. You should be able to connect the cable to an input jack on your PC, but it’s not guaranteed to work as well as USB turntables do. 

The AT-LP120 comes with PC and MAC compatible software, a USB cable and adapter cables. This ensures that should you have the right programs and installation discs, you will be able to transfer your tunes onto your computer and convert them to MP3 should you wish. 

Conclusion - Which should you buy the Audio Technica LP60 or LP120?

When you compare the two turntables, it’s clear to see there are big differences. The AT-LP60 is a smaller and more basic model that simply plays vinyl and will do little else. If you’re looking for a turntable that will let you convert your vinyl to another format, the AT-LP120 will do just that, while also providing you with a significantly better quality of sound. 

Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the comparison overview LP60 Vs LP120 or about either model specifically AT-LP60 or AT-L120 then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.