Home theaters are as common as kitchens in new homes today, and just like every other room in a home, overall interior design will be an issue that comes up during the rooms build out. Audio towers, formally known as stereo cabinets in the eighties and nineties, have become an everyday necessity to house all the high tech entertainment gadgets that families enjoy while spending time together. Placement for Blue Ray players, Nintendo Wii, Surround sound amplifiers, and other ancillary sound enhancing equipment, the tower is just as much functional as it needs to be tasteful in appearance.

It should be no trouble at all matching a tower to your current or new furniture in the entertainment room, as there is a plethora of options available to the consumer. Depending on your budget, you can go stark and minimal to save money or select a rich and lustrous solid wood tower that will run into the two thousand dollar range. These entertainment stands come as a stand-alone piece of furniture or can also be purchase with the television stand built into them. The latter will require quite a bit of empty wall real estate to install so make sure and measure the area you plan to install it, to ensure fitment.

Storage for extra electronic gear like remotes, gaming controls, and DVDs should be considered when selecting the perfect tower for your room. Optionally, some manufacturers sell matching DVD Racks to help you organize your collection of movies and games. If you are tight on storage area space then think about purchasing a carousel DVD and CD player. It is much like a jukebox that holds up to two hundred of your favorite movies and music selections. This will slide right into your tower, along with your other audio video equipment, and let you throw away all of those DVD packages that take up so much space.

Usually the tower furniture is placed next to your LCD big screen television, but with the help of a home theater specialist, you can extend the cabling to place the unit wherever you want it to be in your home theater. The best audio towers also make all the equipment in your entrainment tower accessible to all the other televisions in the home by installing a network much like you would use for your home computers. They can be linked together to provide Video and Internet access through out your home. This will also reduce the amount of cable boxes or satellite-dish control-boxes you will need in the home.