If you are in the process of setting up a dedicated home theater room or even if you are just modifying an existing setup, you know that there are a variety of things to consider. Although you will probably spend the bulk of your time deciding on which components to buy for your new system, there are actually a variety of other things to consider that can carry equal importance. One of the most critical aspects to any home theater or music room is your choice of furniture. This is particularly important, as more and more people are using their home theaters in a dual-purpose role – as family room and a theater. Because of this it's important that your room feel warm and inviting.

When you are choosing furniture for your home theater room, there are really two separate areas to focus on – the seating area and the area where your television and audio/video components will be stored. In this article we will focus on the latter. Although you may not think that your choice of A/V furniture is important, it can actually have a big effect on the performance and longevity of your equipment. Of course, it can also have a big influence over the way your theater looks, and while it wasn't always possible to purchase an audio tower that fit in appearance-wise with the décor of most homes, there are now many suitable options out there. No longer must you purchase a piece of furniture that looks as though it belongs in a recording studio.

If you are looking for a new tower it's important to keep a few things in mind. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is that you want to purchase something that oozes quality. Because you will likely use your new tower for years to come, the lat thing you want is to buy something that will begin bowing or sagging within a couple of years. In order to avoid this, it's a good idea to shop through retailers that specialize in A/V furniture. As an alternative, you can also focus your search on retailers that produce high-end, quality furniture. The bottom line is that you want to stay away from cheap "knock-down" pieces or pieces that are constructed from inferior materials.

In order to ensure that your purchase fits in with your existing décor, it's important that you purchase something that doesn't stand out too much. You will want to choose a tower that blends in with the rest of the room. You may even want to choose one that is meant to be placed in a remote location like a closet or spare bedroom, which will allow you to keep your theater looking clean and organized. Whatever you decide, remember that quality and appearance are of extreme importance when choosing audio towers. By focusing your efforts on the right retailers you will be able to purchase something that will look great and that will stand the test of time.