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When you say the word "audio book,"  what comes to mind? Yes, it is a recording of a book's contents read out loud. Years ago, audio books were only recorded on cassette tapes  and it usually found in the bookstores and public libraries. They cost much and most best sellers don't have any audio recordings at that time. Originally, digital books were used as teaching materials for kids to help them develop their vocabulary and listening skills plus to trigger their interest in reading. Also, they were utilized for those individuals who encounters difficulty in reading because of physical ability or language skill.

But all of that has changed in the recent years. Now, they come in various forms: cassette tapes, CDs or digital downloadable files. Most of the fresh best sellers are also available already in audio form. The fame of the portble media gadgets like the Apple iPod and the best selling pieces like the Twilight series  and Harry Potter increase the general public awareness and increased the sales of audio books since then.

Another notable thing is its pirce tag: so economical already. Myriads of clubs for digital books offers feasible plans to various members, may it be for casual or avid listener/reader. Similar to your movie rental shops, their rental service lets you borrow unlimited number of books for a monthly fee. Others also simply download their titles unto their pc and transfer it unto their portable players. Several clubs also grants a free audio book download during free trial.

As of today, they are not solely used for teaching purposes, it also give hours and hours of fun to average citizens like you and me. You can listen to a thriller piece with all of the emotions involved, or let your kids listen to their favorite tales. After a hard day's work, nothing beats relaxing with eyes closed and have your favorite story read to you. Or if you simply traveling, malling, waiting at the physician's clinic, they can be your best bud. Kiss goodbye to boredom from now on.

If you are not that enthusiastic about reading due to your hectic schedule everyday, then now you ran out of excuses of not being able to read. Having an audio book with your will lift up your mood and can be your source of entertainment, it is for general patronage too! The best part? So economical!