Audiovox is a highly-acclaimed corporation and is rapidly increasing in size. They've won dozen's of CEA Innovation awards and seem to acquire a business a year. As I've peered into the history of this company, I've developed a theory on their success. It can all be wrapped up in the phrase "If you can't beat em, join em". This embodies the direction they're going; all you need is a little flexibility of the meaning. Basically, if you can join two things together and be innovative, why not exhaust all possibilities? Here are some examples.

Expected in July of next year is a never before released Blu-ray/DVD player to be installed in cars. This is not like the rest of the portable car DVD players with screens, it's simply a miniature standalone Blu-ray/DVD player that can be hooked up via an HDMI, composite or component cable to a monitor. It can sit in the trunk, under a seat or a storage compartment in your vehicle. Going along with a theme of combining things, president Tom Malone mentioned they were "giving the consumer one system for both formats." This is a smart business move as they are branching off into a new market while keeping a secure footing in the current one. The Blu-ray disc is an emerging technology, being released in 2006, so it wouldn't be wise to dedicate an in-car-entertainment system solely to this format. Once it's released it'll cost 349.99.

Another example of electronic hardware walking in holy matrimony is the Audiovox DVD player model number VOD10PS2. This is the first travel DVD player and PS2 system combination that comes with two wireless controllers, two wireless headphones and two games (Ratchet & Clank and Hot Shots Golf 2). You can control both the PS2 and DVD player with a single remote. And you view all your media through a sleek 10" LCD DVD player monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Do you remember when Sirius and XM Radio used to compete? Way back in 2002, Audiovox had first begun introducing satellite radio receiver's for both satellite companies. All three maintained this relationship when finally, in November of 2008, XM and Sirius merged. Now, I'm not saying Audiovox had anything to do with it, but with everything else they're combining it makes you think, doesn't it?

Other electronic devices they've fused together include the keyless entry feature you see in cars combined with their "Prestige" line of products; they've made it so all you need is one remote to control all functions whereas before you needed two. Also, they've improved the combination of a visual and audible alert system in their collision avoidance line, being the first to detect people as well as obstacles. Along with the Blu-ray/DVD player launching next year, they've won Innovation Awards for all three of these amalgamations.

They went a little off track earlier this year when trying to mix reading and electronics together. Their e-reader, the Lexi, which launched in May 2010, had to be pulled off the shelves due to the popularity of the Nook and Kindle. You can argue they weren't being inventive, they didn't do anything to make their e-reader stand out. But we can't always be successful all of the time. As Woody Allen states "If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative." Besides, I'm sure as we speak they're working on what other two products they can mash together!