Now that you have your headshot and resume ready to go, you can start submitting for casting notices and acting jobs. In addition, you can start sending out your headshot and resume to agents and casting directors.

A major advancement in the entertainment industry, is the ability to use online tools for submitting or responding to casting notices and acting jobs. This has effectively speeded up the process and minimized the excessive hard copy mailings that were prevalent in the industry in past years.

Through effective networking, you will be able to learn of available opportunities from your fellow actors and actresses. There are also several reputable websites where you can sign up and post your headshot, resume, and demo reels. In addition to having access to casting notices and auditions, these websites are used frequently by industry professionals such as agents, producers, directors, and casting directors who are seeking to find the right talent for their projects.

When you sign up for a website profile, you should do your best to provide all the information that is requested on that site. This will give you the best chance of being noticed by professionals. If your profile is only partially filled out and missing vital information, it is very likely that you will be overlooked in the casting process. You always want to give yourself the best chance of standing out and being noticed.

If you don't have a lot of experience and demo reels that show samples of your work, it is acceptable to creat a demo reel of your own. Investing in a good quality camcorder will be a valuable asset towards reaching this goal. There are also reputable companies that will create a demo reel for you at an affordable cost. Again, networking and doing your own research will be key to success in this process.

Here are a few reputable websites that many agents, casting directors, producers, and directors are using to facilitate the casting process. Some are free like Actors and Now, while others may have a nominal charge like 800

Take a look at these sites and see what they offer before signing up. This way, you will be well informed from the beginning.

When you first receive or find an audition or casting notice. Read it carefully and pay close attention to all the details provided. When you have determined that you meet the age range, ethnicity, and general profile of the casting notice, then go ahead and submit. Most notices will provide an e-mail address or a physical address where you can mail your headshot and resume to. If a phone number is provided, be sure to make note of your specific questions before making your call and always have a notepad and working pen available to make notes.

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