Shop Wisely for Cheaper Breakdown Cover

It took some time and trouble, but you carefully shopped around for the most comprehensive insurance possible at the absolutely lowest price. Now you’re ready, should the unthinkable happen. You’re prepared for theft, fire and collision, and the extraordinary damage and medical costs associated with such unfortunate events. Since you have wisely handled preparing for all the big things, you happily putt down the motorway feeling safe and secure. But what about guarding against the little things, like when your battery decides it’s given enough life, or when the spare you recently put on gives up its last layer of rubber? Major insurance is great for covering reimbursements for accidents, but your insurance man won’t pop by to give your car a jump when you’re miles from home. This is why you need to augment your regular insurance with cheap breakdown cover.

Tips for Finding Affordable Breakdown Service

Don’t just automatically set up breakdown service with your current comprehensive cover insurance company. It may turn out that your existing company will end up offering you the best service for the best price, but it’s well worth your while to check around and see what’s available before signing your name on the dotted line.

Similarly, once you secure cover for breakdown service, don’t automatically renew at the price posted when the time comes. Often times, insurance companies, confident that they have you as an established customer, will assume your life is too busy for you to spend time hunting around for cheap breakdown cover from another firm. Consequently, these companies will simply send you a bill to continue the coverage you’re familiar with at a rate that you may accept as necessarily increased--the cost of living, you know, and so forth.

However, if you just pause a moment and take a look around, you’ll quickly find other companies offering breakdown service at more attractive rates. Now, those companies may or may not provide the level of service you require, but you owe it to yourself--and to your pocketbook--to find out for sure.

Even if those other companies don’t offer you what you’re after, or don’t offer the services at a better price, you can still come back to your existing company and engage them in a little haggling. Reports have shown that negotiating can result in a startling reduction of premium rates: 59% of customers using RAC’s breakdown service, and 73% of customers using the Automobile Association Limited for breakdown service experienced success in getting their rates reduced, all because they were willing to take the companies to task. *

Check the company’s website to see whether it offers special introductory discounts to new customers. If so, tell your representative that you want to be extended the courtesy of a matching discount in return for your loyalty to the company. You’d be surprised how often this maneuver works, just for the asking.

Bonus Opportunities for Additional Savings

Do you shop at Tesco? Do you have a loyalty card? Then keep close tabs on your Clubcard points, because they can be worth a whole lotta lettuce!

For each pound you spend at Tesco or on Tesco partners, you earn a point on your Tesco loyalty account. Accumulate your points, and you’ll receive vouchers every three months. Don’t misplace those vouchers, because they can become worth four times their original value through the Tesco boosting program. Simply turn in your regular vouchers for special Clubcard Rewards vouchers. Suddenly, like magic, every £10 worth of vouchers becomes quadrupled to a value of £40 each! And one of the ways you can spend your Clubcard Rewards is to purchase cover for breakdown from RAC. Your effective cost? Just £18! **

Too Affordable to Pass Up

You may not want to earmark funds for yet additional cover because you may not think it’s necessary. In truth, you may never have need of breakdown service, but that idyllic scenario is highly unlikely. Virtually everyone has need of roadside assistance at some point, and most everybody finds themselves in need of such help several times throughout their lives. With cheap breakdown cover readily available, there’s really no excuse not to have a benefactor against breakdowns on deck to serve you at a moment’s notice.

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