Aunt Jemima is famously known as an icon for pancake flour and syrup. Her appearance was used as designs for syrup and cookie jars. They usually come in dark brown skin tone and black. There was some controversy about using a black woman at that time as some regarded it as derogatory. Now, Aunt Jemima cookie jars can be worth a few hundred dollars each. These collectibles were made before 1926, before this trademark was owned by Quaker Oats.

Aunt Jemima Cookie JarThe McCoy Company also made something resembling Aunt Jemima cookie jars called Mammy which are marked McCoy on the bottom. However, there is a distinction between the two as the McCoy ones are not considered authentic because they were made more recently. The ones you should be after if you are a true collector is the original Aunt Jemima cookie jars, which were made long before them. Nevertheless, these Mammys would still be a nice addition to your collection.

Where to buy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars?

If you are looking to buy Aunt Jemima cookie jars, the internet is a good place to help you with your search. The resources available online will definitely help you in your search for a genuine jar to add to your collection. Here are some places to help you start your search:

You best bet in finding Aunt Jemima cookie jars should be on eBay as these items are rare. Due to the limited production, you would not be able to find them in regular stores. eBay helps connect buyers and sellers across the world and makes it easier for you to find someone willing to sell their jar. You can use this site to locate a suitable one for yourself. Prices range from $50 to $500 depending on the rarity and condition of the jar. You should also remind the seller to pack the item properly with bubble wrap as they are fragile and might break from rough handling during shipping. Also, do check the seller's reputation before buying Aunt Jemima cookie jars from him/her as they might be selling fake ones to you. That being said, it is still possible to find yourself a good deal on this site as there are people selling their rare collections.

You can also check out other smaller sites on the internet by conducting a simple Google search. There might be other sellers who prefer to set up their own website to sell Aunt Jemima cookie jars. Have a look at these so that you do not miss out on a good deal.

Beware of Fake Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars

As with many other collectible items, you are always bound to find cheap knock offs. Some unscrupulous people would sell you a fake one at a high price. Therefore, it is important that you know how to identify a real item from a fake one. A genuine jar would not have perfect painting due to its age. The methods of production at that time of manufacture were also not as advanced as it is today. Since they have been around for a long time, you cannot expect the Aunt Jemima cookie jars to have perfect painting without chips or crazing (fine hairline cracks on the jar).