The Aurora Crosscut Paper Shredder is one of the most popular eight-sheet shredders to hit the market. Designed as a light-use shredder, the Aurora Crosscut model is designed to destroy any sensitive documents that you may have to keep your safe from any threats of identify theft. With identify theft surfacing as a major problem around the world, there is no household appliance more important for the safety of your identify than that of a paper shredder.

Not all paper shredders are made equal, and thus, it is important that you choose one that will keep you and your family’s identities safe. Many shredders claim to offer high security protection, but use dated technology that cannot live up to their guarantees. The Aurora Crosscut shredder, on the other hand, utilizes the crosscut technology that is necessary to prevent shredded papers from ever being put back together. The crosscut shredding action used by the Aurora Crosscut Paper Shredder cuts the paper both across and down into scraps that are less than a quarter inch in size.

The shredder is the perfect size for any home office. It is small enough to hide under a desk, though it is large enough to never have to worry about emptying too often. With the ability to shred up to eight sheets at a time, the Aurora Crosscut Paper Shredder will help make shredding efficient. You’ll be able to shred sensitive credit card offers without needing to open them!

Like most shredders, the Aurora also features a lightweight basket that makes emptying the scraps very easy. With crosscut shredders, the scraps are very small and can create a mess. The lightweight basket on the Aurora shredder prevents any sort of mess from being created, and thus, will help keep your office clean.

One of the biggest problems that most shredders have is that they commonly jam if they are fed more paper than they can handle. With the Aurora Crosscut Paper Shredder, you’ll never have to worry about jams. It features a sensor designed to activate the blades that will detect if too much paper is added at the same time. In addition, the shredder has a manual reverse mode that serves as a backup to the sensor in the case that it malfunctions.

The Aurora shredder also features a must-have thermal overload protection sensor that prevents it from overheating. That feature allows for increased longevity, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about buying another shredder again.

For those looking for the perfect shredder for their home office, the Aurora Crosscut Shredder is definitely the premier candidate. With its ideal size and array of features, it is specifically designed to cater to those that need to perform a moderate amount of shredding. With its credit card shredding capabilities, it enables consumers to efficiently shred unwanted credit card offers and old deactivated cards. With a retail cost of just under forty dollars, the Aurora Crosscut Shredder is worth every penny, and can save consumers both time and money in not having to every worry about the possibility of identify theft ever again.