Noah inside the machine.(87367)

Three-year-old Noah Jeffrey really wanted a toy and was so eager to grab himself and wasted no time climbing up the chute and into the area loaded with plush toys through the claiming entry of a machine in a restaurant.

The Australian boy sat in the middle of the candies and different kind of toys. showing his generous streak, Noah was quick to share the reward of his exploration and distributed the machine's toys to a crowd of children gathered outside before eating the lollies inside the machine. It was about then that his mother becomes aware of the dilemma her son was in.

Noah generously share the toys to the other kids watching him outside the machine
Noah inside the machine.(87372)

While the boy thought what’s happening was all fun and games, with electrical wires, hot temperatures and a lack of oxygen inside, it could have put him in danger. Noah was in the machine for about 10 minutes and was soon sweating as management and his mom worked to free him. But the escape bears out rather trickier than getting in for Noah. But then Noah had able to just popped free of the machine when staff came back to say they would have to call the fire brigade to rescue him after an attempt to contact the machine operator did not succeed to come up with a solution.

The kid’s mother had to coaxed him out with the promise of another toy for him to climb back down the chute and sit there while his mom pulled him around a guard panel blocking his escape.

But then what had happened didn't leave a bad impression on the tot. And he still wanted to go back in to get the lollies!

And that may be a quite more difficult next time, though - the toy machine company said they would put in a bar in the machine to stop children from climbing in. A number of children already have managed to crawl inside toy machines throughout the years.

Noah being coaxed by his mother.
Noah as he tried to get out from the machine

 In the year 2006, a 3-year-old boy from Minnesota was also elated to be inside a claw machine and didn't seem to be in a hurry to get out from the machine.

 In 2010, a boy also climbed through a machine's one square foot hole at a Wisconsin Walmart. Firefighters whose there to rescuer said the 9-year-old was amused by playing with toys inside the machine, but they were able to rescue him in the end before the situation took a turn for the worst.

The idea of a child climbing through such a small opening might be hard to believe, but a  security camera from a South Carolina store captured a footage of one girl's ascent into a toy machine. A boy, who came out to be the girl's brother, alerts an adult to the child's situation, and shoppers soon gather around to help and watch the rescue. 

 Well then, the vending machine company said they would install a bar to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Noah after getting away from the machine