25 general knowledge trivia questions about Australia, perfect for your next trivia night or to stump your friends or collegues.

Question 1: What was bushranger Ned Kelly's brothers name?

Answer: Dan Kelly

Question 2: In which Australian state is the James Cook University?

Answer: Queensland

Question 3: Barry Hall, played with which three AFL clubs?

Answer: St Kilda Saints, Sydney Swans, Western Bulldogs

Question 4: Who was Australia's first Female Premier?

Answer: Dr Carmen Lawrence (WA)

Question 5: Where is "The Dish", which was made famous in the movie by the same name?

Answer: Parkes NSW

Question 6: Which Australian City is further north, Cairns or Darwin?

Answer: Darwin

Question 7: Which Australian state has the most number of islands?

Answer: Western Australia (3,747)

Question 8: Who was Australia's oldest serving Prime Minister

Answer: Sir Robert Menzies

Question 9: Where was Ned Kelly's last stand?

Answer: Glenrowan

Question 10: By population, what is Australia's largest city?

Answer: Sydney

Question 11: In what year did Sydney host the Summer Olympic Games?

Answer: 2000

Question 12: Which Australian cricketer finished his test career with a batting average of


Answer: Sir Donald Bradman

Question 13: Who was Australia's first female Prime Minister?

Answer: Julia Gillard

Question 14: What is the maximum term limit for The Australian Parliament?

Answer: 3 Years

Question 15: Which Australian athlete lit the Olympic Cauldron at the Sydney Olympics?

Answer: Kathy Freeman

Question 16: Who was the long serving host of the hit Australian TV Show, Hey Hey It's Saturday?

Answer: Darryl Somers.

Question 17: Which Australian glam rock band of the 70's did Red Symonds play guitar for?

Answer: Sky Hooks

Question 18: Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?

Answer: Sir Edmund Barton

Question 19: To which country did Australia lose the 1996 cricket World Cup to?

Answer: Sri Lanka

Question 20: Which Australian city was almost destroyed by a cyclone over the Christmas period in 74?

Answer: Darwin

Question 21: Which Australian male basketball player won multiple NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990's?

Answer: Luc Longley

Question 22: How many times did Australian golfer Greg Norman win the British Open golf championship?

Answer: Twice (1986, 1993)

Question 23: In which Australian state would you find Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosiusko?

Answer: New South Wales

Question 24: Which Australian Prime Minister vanished without a trace, presumably downed in the 1960's?

Answer: Harold Holt

Question 25: Which famous Australian Touring Car racing driver immortalised the number "05"?
Answer: Peter Brock

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