The summers in Australia can be pretty severe; however once you get closer to the coastline, the coolness from the ocean will help dissipate that extreme heat. Australia can be a very harsh place; however once you get closer to the ocean any heat you may have been feeling will soon be forgotten. Here are some great places to take advantage of while on your Australia trips.

Cable Beach

Located in Western Australia, near the city of Broome you will find Cable Beach. Located right on the edge of the ocean lies this amazing place. Cable Beach stretches for approximately 26 kilometers. There are a few great attractions on this site. You can enjoy camel rides, the sunsets, and there are many organized activities available daily on the beach. At Gantheaume Point you will enjoy seeing some prehistoric tracks.

Four Mile Beach

Located in Port Douglas in Queensland you will come across Four Mile Beach. This is one of the most popular beaches for Australia trips. The waters are amazing, warm, and the landscape is fantastic. Around the city you will find the Ribbon Reefs, these are the best places for diving. A good way to get a great view of the reef is by boat. Queensland has several wonderful beaches to choose from, Port Douglas being a favorite.

Palm Beach

That's right, just like California, Australia also has a Palm Beach. The beach is spans across 3 kilometers and is about an hour North from Sydney. At the end of the beach you will find some restaurants, little café's and there are also shops our boutiques. There is a long stretch of beach where you will find little to no parking, this section of the beach is pretty quiet. You also have the option of putting a few holes as there is also a gold course located near the beach.

Ninety Mile Beach

In the city of Victoria you will find Ninety Mile Beach. This is one of the most natural beaches in the world. You will find vast amounts of marine species in these waters, not to mention the rare opportunity to see whales and dolphins. An Australia trip should include Ninety Mile Beach. While in this area, there is a highway called the Great Ocean Road, which is literally over 100 kilometers of some of the most beautiful sceneries a person could ever see.

Cottesloe Beach

Last but not least, no Australia trip would be complete without a visit to Cottesloe Beach. Cottesloe Beach is located in Western Australia near the city of Perth. This is the perfect beach for picnicking, basking in the sun, and of course fabulous swimming in the ocean. On the coast you can enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean.

There are still many beaches one could visit during his or her vacation to Australia. Looking in to Australia trip packages which may include these wonderful places is highly suggested. Also, keep in mind that not all of the beaches mentioned above are close to each other, so you may not be able to enjoy them all in one trip.