My husband and I spent fourteen months traveling right around Australia in our Nissan 4x4 and our Jayco outback caravan.During this time we have seen some beautiful countryside and also a number of birds and animals in their natural habitat.


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This would look beautiful in the backyard


We have our own aviary in our back yard and missed our precious birds so we made sure we captured a few of those in their own natural environment.



Birds are no different, whether in the bush or in an aviary.They still have their little quirks and soon learn how to get the tourists to feed them.Some learn how to eat out of their hands even though they are wild by nature.

Update: We have since sold that home and shifted. Sadly we had to leave all our birds behind and now have to be content to enjoy all the hundreds of beautiful birds in their natural environment as we travel all over Australia.


Some of these shown in the pictures I did not enjoy seeing We have seen loads of emus on our travels. Often they dart out of the bush and cross the road in front of you.  I wonder if they were playing the old game of chicken... I can get to the other side before you..


This e-book will guide you through the steps of buying an aviary, setting it up and selecting your finches. It will also explain the plants to avoid if you choose to have plants in your aviary.

It covers illnesses, feeding and caring for them and also gives you suggestions for different types of finches you can breed in this lovely aviary.