Australian Beach
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Australia is a beautiful, mystical country gathering all aspects of the world in one place. It has long sandy beaches, breathtaking green rain forests, magnificent culture, massive deserts, metropolian cities, many skiing spots and a lot more.

Australia is a place in the world that many people would love to visit but very few actually get the chance. Due to the fact that it is located on the other side of the world, some people do not wish to have to endure the long flight. Others just cannot afford to go to there. For a number of reasons, everyone should visit Australia in their lives and see its outstandingly beautiful landscapes.

This article will focus on the top 10 Australian cities you should really consider visiting on your next trip towards the land of the Kangoroo, and their uniqueness and characterizations so that you will be able to choose the most suitable Australian city for your vacation.

10. Camberra - Australia's Capital

Canberra, home of the Australian story where national attractions and hidden gems deliver an array of unexpected delights, is a modern city, set within expensive gardens, and enjoys four different beautiful seasons.

In Canberra, you'll experience the Australian people's identity, culture, history, art, sports, politics, flora and fauna and of course, their national celebrations. You'll also delve into an array of stylish modern restaurants and shops. At night, you will come alive with the city's vibrant entertainment scene.

With a bustling calendar of events, festivals, exhibitions and tours, Canberra is full of unexpected delights awaiting you. The region is also home to historic townships, unspoilt nature, world-class arts and crafts that seeing by yourself will be an unforgettable experience.

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The Australian Parliament House
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9. Hobart

Located in Tasmania, between the lofty heights of Mt Wellingtom and the beautiful estuary of the Derwent, Hobart is shaped and defined by bush land, hills and water. Being relatively isolated from the other Australian cities, Hobart plays host to a number of magnificent and exclusive nature-related events that will not let you down.

Hobart City
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8. Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine coast involves a number of smaller towns, the majority of them being considered amazing beach locations. The city has become a common holiday destination for families for the large varitety of beaches and family hotels that it provides for its guests.

The Sunshine coast is also home to a number of beautiful parks and magnificent zoos. Furthermore, the city has more than 10 golf courses where you can play among the breathtaking surroundings. Therefore, the Sunshine coast definitely has the keys to satisfy every family member's taste and keeps its door open for visitors at all times.

Sunshine Coast
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7. Perth - The City of Light

Perth is Australia's sunniest city with more than 3000 hours of sunshine hitting it every year. However, that is not why the world likes to call it "the city of light". The actual reason is that when John Glenn, a known astronaut, orbited above the city, he saw its streetlights and the house lights that its residents have lit which he described later contributing in the birth of such a beautiful nickname for the city.

Perth is also a perfect place to see the sun in the distant, all the oranges and reds along with the deep blue color of the water. The view it is simply breathtaking! And of course, the city is one of the largest producers of Australian seafood which meals are simply delectable. Therefore, in conclusion, Perth is a magnificent place to visit thanks to its beautiful beaches, delicious food and wonderful lifestyle.

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6. Brisbane

Brisbane's weather is among the best in Australia, being not too hot or not too cold with rain constantly predictable. The Brisbane River is the heart of Brisbane, playing host to many activities revolving around it such as cruises, kayaking and the city cats, a common mode of transport among residents and guests alike.

One of the best places to visit in Brisbane is probably Southbank, home to a variety of restaurants, cafes and gardens as well as an artificial beach over looking the river. To summarize, Brisbane is perfect for tourists who want to see Australia as well as live among by the river experiencing the city's nightlife.

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5. Alice Springs

 Despite being relatively a small city, Alice Springs is a great destination for tourists from all around the world to meet the native the native Australians. The city organizes a number of tours led by the native Aboriginals telling people about the wide history of Australia, stories of their own people and tips for their holidays. In Alice Springs, you are sure to learn everything you might wondered about regarding Australia with its numerous tours, amazing theaters and friendly residents.

Alice Springs
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4. Gold Coast

Known for its long beaches, great surf and sunny lifestly, the Gold Caost is the best destination for all sea lovers. The city also involves a number of amazing fun places to enjoy such as:

  • Warner Bros Movie World, where you are immersed in movies
  • Dreamworld, home of the stunning 6 thrill rides
  • White Water World, the great water park next to Dreamworld
  • Draculas Cabaret Restaurant, one of the weirdest restaurants in the world.e
Gold Coast
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3. Cairns

Located in North Queensland, Cairs in one of Australia's most amazing cities with its vibrant green rain forests and white sandy beaches. The views of the waterfalls are breathtaking. Some of the city's activities include white water rafting, enjoyable local tours and a huge cable line to see and observe all the rain forests from an exclusive perspective.

Guests can also enjoy their time boating, swimming, scuba diving and a lot more in this magnificent environments. A top tourist destination would be the Whitsunday Islands, a group of beautiful white island with vibrant sensational blue water and a number of high quality hotels.

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2. Sydney

Often confused as the capital of Australia, Sydney is home to many of Australia's most famous attractions and landmarks. The city is Australia's most famous and most populated. Two of its internationally known attractions are the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

Another interesting destination would probably be the Taronga Zoo where creatures from all around the world are gathered just for you to see and learn about. The city is also famous for its hospitality towards shoppers: it has a huge number of amazing shops.

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1. Melbourne

Melbourne (pronounced Mel-Bin) is simply an incredible city in Australia. For shopping, Queen Victoria's Market is a great place to start and one of the most popular bargains shopping in the whole city. It was opened back in 1878 and many traders and small business owners still operate there till this very day. Melbourne also has many sports attractions including cricket, football, horse racing and rugby. 

Furthermore, the city offers endless entertainment from hundreds of restaurants to a lively nightlife. Melbourne is very diverse and that is very clear in their food that comes from all over the world. The city involves many interesting day-tours of which the Great Ocean Road tour is probably the best. Melbourne is also home to a number of magnificent gardens and parks that are definitely not to be overlooked. In simple words, the city is amazing!

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