sidney (24323)The Australian citizenship test is one of the requirements to become a citizen. The test was added to the Australian citizenship act in 2007 after reforming the previous Act created back in 1949. One of the major changes to this constitution was the citizenship test that at first avoided many naturalizations when first launched. The 20% of the applicants failed the test in the first and second attempts so the minister for Immigration and citizenship gathered a committee to review the test effectiveness as a pathway to citizenship.

There is some confusion about when to take the test, if it is before or during the citizenship process. In 2007 the test needed to be added to the application form and sent to the DIAC for review. This changed in 2008 with the latest amend, the applicant can sit for the test after the citizenship application has been submitted. There needs to be a citizenship in process for the test to be validated. Among other changes the amend also fixed the passing score to 75% correct answers and no mandatory questions.

The test is made of 20 questions in between multiple choice and true or false. Based on the resource guide "Australian citizenship: our common bond" from a pool of 200 confidential questions. The test can be taken as many times as the applicant needs to pass it. It doesn't affect permanent residency status or Visa if failed as well as a rejection of the application. The test doesn't have any mandatory questions so there is no possibility of failing it for one key question mistake. It is computer based meaning that the test result is immediate after the submission. The retakes are usually on the spot after the fail attempt. If not you will be scheduled a retake date and as many necessary.

The guide booklet goes through Australian economy, history, politics and more importantly the privileges and responsibilities that come with the Australian citizenship. The guide holds Australian primary values and practices, a complete insight in Australian symbols and culture.

The test itself is an integration tool to ensure future citizens share Australian values and principles. It is also a civic guide that lectures the future citizen in the democratically right to vote and constitution. There is nothing more important for the Australian society that civilly active citizen.

So which is the best way to face the test? Multiple choice tests have a special method of practice to ensure successfulness. After going through the test material the applicant needs to focus in practice questions. That is a vital part of the study method used for multiple choice tests. Why is that? When you perform practice questions you go through the whole test content at once. Reviewing your errors fix the content in your mind making it easier to access in the future exam. Also you review as many possible questions from the 200 pool the test is made from. The material is deep in details about Australian history and geography, there is a lot to be memorized before attempting test trials.

The test is mandatory to complete the citizenship application and move to the pledge of commitment where the future citizen takes responsibility to Australian soil. Is important to pass the test as fast as possible, each delay in the test approval will signify a delay in the citizenship request.