Let’s take a look at a few Australian entrepreneurs that achieved great success and hold much fascination for many the world over. Some created an empire from inherited businesses, using this as a springboard to enhance their wealth. Most Australian entrepreneurs started from humble beginnings, building upon their adolescent hobbies and adventures. A great deal of business savvy and determination make up these fascinating five successful Australian entrepreneurs. 

  1. John IIhan The founder of Crazy John’s company, the largest privately-owned mobile company in Australia. The richest, youngest Australian entrepreneur millionaire became worth 300 million dollars before the age of 40. He was well-known for his philanthropy and starting the IIhan Food Allergy Foundation. He died--age 42--of a massive heart attack and was survived by his wife, Patricia and their four children.
  2. Kerry Packer A wealthy Australian entrepreneur, media mogul and major shareholder of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and Australian Consolidated Press. He is well-known for his argumentative behavior and outspoken ways in business dealings. He took over the family newspaper and media business in 1974 while continuing to buy up shares in several newspapers including "Sydney’s Daily Telegraph." He has been involved in shrewd billion dollar dealings and was heavily involved in gambling while owning casinos. This man built the Packer Empire, which owns shares in telecommunications, diamond mines, coal mines and Foxtel Television Cable Network to mention a few. Kerry Packer died at age 68 in 2005 and empire is worth over 4.2 billion dollars.
  3. John Singleton His first ventures involved starting advertising agencies, then onto other businesses in radio and publishing. He has been married six times with a tumultuous personal life and yet has had phenomenal success as the most famous Australian entrepreneur. He has become a brand name in the industries involving communication with ties to Qantas Airlines, Lonely Planet publications and Macquarie Media.
  4. Dick Smith At seventeen he was issued an amateur radio license and from there began the world famous “Dick Smith Electronics.” Known for his publicity antics, free multi-country catalogs and unorthodox methods of advertising world wide, he became a successful Australian entrepreneur. He lived a spirit of philanthropy and love of his native country, pursuing interests in aviation, mountaineering and numerous adventure stunts. He bought up several types of businesses including publishing, which inspired the creation of “Australian Geographic" magazine, arguably one of his greatest achievements.
  5. Rupert Murdoch He is the owner of The News Corporation of New York and a multi-billionaire media mogul and businessman. In 1952 he took over the family newspaper business that was failing. He subsequently purchased many Australian and British newspapers. He went on to buy up various media and telecommunications interests including Fox News Channel and Festival Mushroom Records. Murdoch is not only one of the most successful Australian entrepreneurs; he is the richest man in the world, worth an estimated 6.9 billion dollars.