Australia's Greatest Attractions: Explore the Diversity of a Tourist Destination

From the travel grapevines, Australia holds the record as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the whole world. This is largely due to its diversified activities for tourists. From the turquoise beaches to the dirt-filled stony hike trails, Australia has it all.


Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

This is a breathtaking and amazing experience for scuba divers and snorkelers who visit this world-wide known feature. It covers more than 1,430 miles (2,300km) of 400 types of coral, harboring a lot of beautiful and brightly-coloured marine life. Do not worry about where you will rest your limbs at night, because there are resorts, two on the Reef, and others in the numerous islands surrounding this coral reef at your service. If islands do not tickle your fancy, you can still access the Reef during the day from the mainland centers like Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville, Mission Beach, and Shute Harbour and Airlie Beach.



This is probably the most famous Australian State due to the fame that precedes its capital, Sydney. From the beaches in Sydney to the snow-capped mountains in the south, you will enjoy your visit in New South Wales.

Sydney Opera House

Opera House

Visit this world-wide renowned landmark in Sydney, to go watch all sorts of performing arts. It is easily accessible from the central business district.

Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge

This is another famous iconic landmark in Sydney. You can walk, cycle, or drive across this bridge. Alternatively, you can pass through the Coathanger (a nickname given by the locals due to its arch design) by train if you are heading in either direction t

Blue MountainsCredit: Interrior_Photos

o or from Milsons Point and Wynyard railway stations.

Blue Mountains

From the beaches in Sydney, you can change gears to the much cooler Blue Mountains down south. It got its name from the blue fog created by the evaporation from the numerous gum trees that form the forest around it. You can walk or cycle through the walking trails that run through the Blue Mountains National Park. Meander around cliffs, into gorges, and pass pristine streams on the way.

Hunter Valley

This is the home of Australia's wineries. You can only access the place by road, giving you a chance to view the historic buildings in the city of Maitland, as you head west to Pokolbin passing one winery after the other.

Byron Bay Beaches

These are no ordinary "bask in the sun" beaches. This place basically caters to the affluent. You can get a massage in one of the numerous spas; savor the delicacies on offer by its outstanding cafes; and enjoy the town's energetic festivals.

Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park

Visit the Willandra Lakes to see picturesque fossil remains. Mungo National Park is the most accessible part through Wentworth town. While you are there, do not forget to go see the Walls of China; ancient white sand dunes that are 100 feet (30m) high and run for 19 miles (30km).


Most of the tourist destinations are within driving range along the coastal line in Victoria. This state is famous for its goldfields, the Great Ocean Road, Wilson’s Promontory, coastal resorts, wineries, mountains, and ports of Murray in the inland. It also has a very diverse culture.

The Great Ocean RoadCredit: Mikey Leung

The Great Ocean Road is astretch of 125 miles (200km) offering a coastal scenery.

The Mornington Peninsula

To get to the Point Nepean National Park, which lies at the tip of the Mornington peninsula, you will pass through Sorento, a beautiful township with a view of the shimmering water of Port Phillip Bay. There are a lot of vineyards and gourmet restaurants, inland. The French island hosts a large koala colony and a national park. You can also visit Penguin Parade in Philip Island to see penguins in their own habitat.

Wilson’s Promontory

There are forested mountain slopes, as well as heath and marshes that are home to a lot of birds, animals, and plants of all kinds. This is ideal for nature lovers. Flex up your muscles on the walking tracks that add up to a distance of more than 50 miles (80km). Sunbathe anywhere in the beaches that cover more than 81 miles (130 km) of coastline. After that visit Victoria's famous national Park situated at the tip of 'The Prom', a large granite peninsula.

Train in the GoldfieldsCredit: Australian Trains

The Goldfields

Learn the history of the gold rush era in this area. While the towns are old, they are full of striking huge public houses and grand mansions. There is also an open air museum, Sovereign Hill, which showcases Blood on the Southern Cross sound-and-light show every night; the re-enactment of the battle of Eureka Uprising when miners protesting against the government's licence fee were blockaded by colonial troops.



This is the smallest and most remote state of Australia, but size does not matter because it boasts several tourist attractions.

Richmond Colonial sights

One of the places worth visiting is Richmond Gaol, a historic prison used in the colonial era. Most of the buildings here still possess the characteristic colonial architectural designs. Head over to the Coal River Valley to see the stone bridge constructed by convicts that is still in good shape.

Port ArthurCredit: Paul D'Ambra

Port Arthur

This building, dating back in the colonial era, still has the magnificent view of Mason Cove. Its glowing yellow sandstone architecture is quite scenic and a remote relation to its use in the 1830's as a prison. There are day tours, but you can also go ghost-hunting at night during the Port Arthur Ghost Tour.

Bruny Island

This island, which is essentially two lands (North and South Bruny) linked by a narrow sandy isthmus, has plenty of wild life worth seeing. The South Bruny National Park has a lot of walking tracks and Coves in which you can swim. This area is also suitable for boat and cruise ships tours.

Freycinet National ParkCredit: Rotuli

Freycinet National Park

From kayaking to snorkeling to walking to surfing; this is the only tourist destination that offers everything in one place. Relax on the white sandy beaches, or take walks on the contouring Wine Glass Bay Lookout Walk. The mountains (Mount Amos and Mount Mayson) and forests offer scenic views. It is a comprehensive package that caters to all tourists' interests and activities.

UluruCredit: teekay72



Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Northern territory, for a good reason. It is located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (meeting place). It is regarded as sacred by the Anangu people who own it. While they do not allow visitors to climb the rock, you can walk around it through the well-marked 6.5 mile (10.6 km) Uluru Base Walk. Kata Tjuta (Also known as Mount Olga or the Olgas; meaning 'many heads' signifying the 36 domes) is another spectacular site. You are not allowed to climb it or even take rock or sand souvenirs. Those who defy this are said to get bad omen (luck).  There are a number of trails including Valley of the Winds lap that takes 3 hours to complete.

Darwin also has a lot to offer, besides its multiple-ethnic population.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market offers the best platform to interact and learn a great deal of the multi-ethnic diversity found in this city.

Fannie Bay Gaol Museum is the only building that still prominently displays historic architecture from the pre-cyclone era of 1974.

Conacher Street, Fannie Bay

If you are an art collector, this museum will be a goldmine. You can find art and cultural artefacts of the Aboriginal, and archeological artefacts from the pacific region.

Australia is undeniably one of the best places for both long-term and short-term holidays. From Northern Territory to Tasmania and the states in between, you are sure to find hidden tourist gems once you exhaust the famous ones. It also does not fall short of activities; from sunbathing in the beaches, to keeping fit on the numerous walking tracks, to watching birds and wildlife, to going back a couple centuries in the streets of Richmond. Experience the magic that is in Australia.

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