Buy Cheap Authentic College Football Jerseys on Sale and Save

College football fans usually bleed their fan hood. The personal connection an alumni has with their alma mater can't be matched by any other fan. An authentic college football jersey can be the perfect addition to your fan closet. Especially if you live and die by your favorite college football team.

When you're shopping for the best authentic college football jerseys there are multiple online retailers you may want to check out. It is vitally important for you tAuthentic College Football Jerseyso do your research before buying a jersey. There are a lot of knock offs and counterfeits that you might be sold. You definitely don't want to pay the going rate for an authentic jersey just to find out its a counterfeit. Counterfeits will usually wear out quickly when you wash them and sometimes they don't exactly match the jersey of your favorite team.

What Makes a Football Jersey Authentic?

When a fellow fan tells you they are wearing an authentic jersey you should probably be impresses. Or you should go out and get one if you like it. An authentic jersey means it is identical to the jerseys each player wears. It usually means it is made of highly durable material that can withstand a lot of pressure. It has to last an entire football season after all.

One of the ways you can tell if the jersey is authentic or not is by looking at the letters and name plate. An authentic college football jersey will have the lettering stitched on. It will be noticeably thicker. If you compare it to a traditional replica jersey you'll be able to clearly see the difference. A replica jersey looks like the letters were painted on. Once you see the craftsman ship of a real authentic jersey, you may not be able to resist buying one immediately.

Where Can You Buy Authentic College Football Jerseys?

If you are interested in buying an authentic jersey and you're willing to pay the price, you want to make sure you get it from the right place. If you buy it from a shady retailer in a foreign country, you can be sure it is probably counterfeit.

A counterfeit authentic jersey might look like a great deal but give it some time and you'll realize you should have bought the high quality piece of apparel the first time. Counterfeits will often times wear out after just a few wash cycles. The lettering that should have been sewed on by a master seamstress might start to peel off. Believe me, if the lettering on your authentic jersey starts to noticeably come apart, you will not wear it.

If you want to find authentic college football jerseys you can be confident are real you would be best served buying them from the schools website. Go to the college you want to buy it from and see if they carry any in stock. Most of the time the college will require the apparel sold to be licensed. This can help you ensure the jersey you buy is legit and authentic.

How Much Does an Authentic College Football Jersey Cost?

Authentic jerseys are usually more costly than replica jerseys. The added time and care that goes into putting one together is the main reason for it. If you are serious about your team and you wan an authentic uniform you are looking at spending upwards of $200. You can go shopping around the internet and you may find them cheaper but I can't guarantee you they are not counterfeits.

Additional Online Retailers

If you aren't worried about purchasing a counterfeit you should look into purchasing a jersey from eBay or Amazon. eBay does not police their sellers to stop them from selling counterfeit items. Even if a seller claims it is authentic and not counterfeit, it may still be fake. If you aren't worried about it though, you can find some jerseys for way less than you would pay elsewhere.

Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer. Search their massive inventory and you might find an authentic college football jersey for your school. Beware it may be counterfeit but they don't seem to be running as rampant there.

The bond a college football fan has to their school is like no other. In most cases the fact that they spent four years at that college strengthens the bond. A die hard fan is the perfect candidate for investing in an authentic college football from their school.