Irish gifts warm the heart

Enter the Emerald Isle and cross back into time as you wrap yourself in an Aran sweater from the island where they still communicate in the mother tongue. Remember lore from the druid's connection as you buy a crystal Celtic cross or a shamrock crystal from Waterford. Wrap your partner in love as you give her a Claddagh ring. These authentic Irish gifts can be yours for the cost of a ticket across the Alantic to the bewitching Ireland.

Aran Sweaters

Ferry to the Aran Island for an authentic Aran sweater. These handmade sweaters are noted for their intricate stitch patterns. Historic patterns are recorded and registered at the Aran Sweater Museum on the Aran Islands. Water repellant, these wool sweaters allow your skin to breathe and release water vapors into the air. Whether you choose a cable stitch, based on fishermen's knots, or the original Tree of Life stitch, you will know you are protected from the elements when wrapped in one of these sweaters.

Irish Crystal

Began by two brothers in 1783, Waterford has evolved into a world renown crystal factory. Their hand blown and hand precision cut crystals have distinct patterns and range from figurines to drinking vessels. You can choose your crystal piece from a collection based on the pattern cut into the glass, like Lismore, Marquis or Heritage, or by color blown, such as Evolution Armada or Evolution Cobalt Rush. Religious items available include a Celtic cross, an angel collection, Menorah or a Hanukkah Dreidel.

Claddagh Ring

Known for its combined symbols of two hands clasped (partners), holding a heart (love) with the crown on top (fidelity), this ring has been worn by Queen Victoria and Princess Grace of Monaco. When worn on the right hand with the crown facing inward shows you are available, while if it is pointed outward it shows your heart is considering love. But when worn on the left hand, crown pointed outward, it shows the world you are happy and in love. Give one to your Irish lass.

Irish Music

Nothing can bring a tear to your eye quicker than an Irish lullaby sung in baritone, or cheer you up quicker than some lively Irish fiddle music. Give a gift of Irish music by choosing one from the Celtic Woman or Daniel O'Donnel or U2.