If you have a blog, you are likely always on the lookout for ways to improve it.  One of the best ways to add value to your blog is by having guest bloggers or having multiple authors.  This gives your blog more appeal because your blog posts will have more variety and your readers will get the advantage of having multiple opinions. 

Many bloggers prefer to buy plugins when they really want to add value to their blog because premium plugins often offer bonus content.  They are also more likely to be secure and less likely to cause problems on your blog.

For bloggers who have decided to have guest bloggers or have multiple bloggers, the Author+ Premium Plugin is a great tool. It is affordable and offers multiple advantages.

On most blogs that have different authors, the author will get a resource box that is added to the bottom of the post.  Most of the time it is just a few lines of text that is set aside from the rest of the text by putting it in italics or if the author is lucky there might be a box around it.  Authors+ Premium Plugin takes these resource boxes to a whole new level.

The blog benefits from this plugin by giving authors their own content rich page that can be indexed by search engines.  The author’s benefit by having a whole page that is dedicated to them.  These pages can provide additional information about the blogger that wrote the post, which is good for the writer and for the blog itself.

Another benefit of this great plugin is that it makes it easier for Google to find rich snippets to use in search results.  Google started using these rich snippets a couple of years ago in order to give searchers more information about the sites that showed up in the search results.  Unfortunately, most blogs are not optimized to give the best rich snippets possible.  But Author+ Premium Plugin help bloggers make better use of rich snippets by making sure the blog is compatible.  The result is that your blog will get more results from organic traffic.

How Author+ Premium Plugin Works