In terms of land area, California is deemed to be the third largest U.S. state, with an estimated population of 36, 553, 215, making it as the most populated state. With its large number of inhabitants, vehicular accidents such as auto accidents are very common.

Due to the growing number of population, usage of vehicles also increases. Roads are becoming congested because of the so there are all types of vehicles cluttering the streets. Hence, more vehicular accidents occur.

Los Angeles alone was ranked as the most dangerous city for having the highest vehicle fatal accident rate in California. And there is nothing uncommon to drivers and people alike to encounter or be involved in such. It is also usual for them to see an automobile crashing to another vehicle or vice versa.

Mostly, vehicle accidents, auto accidents to be particular, happen due to human error. Statistics shows that 90 percent of car crash incidents accounts to driver's misconduct, negligence, inattentiveness, and intoxication.

Another factor contributing to auto accidents is the speed choice or driving below or above the required speed limit. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware of the highest fatality rate of auto crashes that is why, high-speed driving is still unstoppable.

Driver's impairment such as poor vision, stress, and tiredness as well as other forms of physical or mental disability that affects the driver's condition are also attributed to auto accidents.

Effects of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents may have devastating effects to its victims. Primarily, one may suffer life-threatening injuries that include amputation, laceration, bruises, burns, bone fractures, internal hemorrhage, neck, brain, and spinal cord injuries that may lead to paralysis.

Aside from injuries, victims and their families may also find it hard to deal with insurance companies, and they might struggle for inadequate and too little claims. They may also need to pursue a legal fight to recover compensation for injuries, damages and pain and suffering.

The after-effects of auto accidents are indeed distressing. And no matter how careful and disciplined a person is, if other people are not acting the same, accidents may still happen.

What to do after an Accident

Hence, to minimize the difficulty one experiences after an auto accident, especially in dealing with the insurance companies, it is good to always remember the following tips.

  1. Inform the insurance company immediately after the accident.

  2. Write down names and contact information of the possible witnesses.

  3. So not admit liability especially when you know you are at-fault.

  4. If your car crashed into another car, know the name, contact number and address of the other party involved, including the details of his vehicle and insurance policy.

  5. Remember the events that transpired, better if you take photographs.

  6. You may also take photographs of the wounds and injuries you obtained.

  7. File a claim right away, because insurance companies have limitations until an injured victim may do so.

  8. Do not sign any documents especially if you do not fully understand what it contains.

For proper legal advice, you can consult auto accident attorneys. They may be able to help you to eliminate the possible struggles and problems that insurance companies will undertake to lessen coverage.

Also, they may be able to help you to seek reimbursement for hospitalization, medical expenses (including past and future), compensation for loss of income and earnings, future loses and property damage.