Aside from driver negligence and vehicle defects, another usual cause of auto accidents is the presence of road debris. Road debris can be anything from pebbles to small objects that can obstruct a vehicle's movement. In some cases, debris may even be thrown against windshields, which can cause property damage and personal injury.

Unfortunately, many people, including drivers and road administrators, often don't take this issue seriously. Here are some of the costly damages of road debris on streets and highways:

  • Punctures – Some tires are not durable enough to withstand pointed debris such as nails and broken glass. If the vehicle is traveling at a high speed, it may get out of control.
  • Skidding – When medium-sized debris gets in the way of a speeding car, it may cause the car to skid, which often leads to accidents.

Once an accident occurs because of road debris, the involved party may suffer the following consequences:

  • Property damages – Vehicles get damaged in auto accidents. In some cases, posts, fences, and even houses may get damaged. If this happens, the liable party should compensate for all the costs and damages of the accident.
  • Personal injury – Drivers who got involved in accidents caused by road debris would not be held liable for the accident if they can prove that they were not negligent during the incident.
  • Temporary or long-term disability – Vehicle accidents cause injuries such as head injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and burns. The responsible party should pay for all medical expenses of the victim, including medication, hospital expenses, and therapies.

In order to avoid these kinds of accidents, the road administrator or contractor, and the local government should join hands in maintaining road safety. Here are some of the things that they can do in order to minimize the presence of road debris:

  • Street sweeping – This may be the simplest way to reduce road debris on streets.
  • Regular road maintenance – The road contractor or administrator should conduct regular checkups to make sure their roads are in good and safe condition.

If a motorist got involved in an accident which was caused by road debris, he has the right to file charges against the responsible party. To help him identify the liable party, he will need the legal help of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Once he has gathered enough evidence against the defendant, he may recover his losses from the incident.