More and more families are hurt each day because of the tragic loss of their loved ones from auto accidents. These accidents remain to be the leading cause of accidental deaths but it is still preventable with cautiousness and alertness while driving.

Negligent or reckless driving causes these acts not only place the driver's life on the line but also those of other commuters' and vehicle occupants' as well. Here are common traffic violations that can lead to road accidents:

Intoxicated driving

Authorities are conducting checkpoints and patrols to crackdown drunk driving nationwide. After having a few too much to drink, drivers should just take public transportation or have their sober friends and family members drive them home safely. This is a wise way to avoid deaths and injuries that appear to be imminent each time they drink and drive.

Aside from alcohol, illegal and even prescription drugs have an adverse effect on one's driving skills. For those who are taking medications that are known to have negative side effects, it is best to stay at home and let the effect wear off or have someone drive you around to run errands.

Use of cellphones

With modern technology comes another challenge for authorities to stop the growing use of cellular phones even while driving. These hand-held gadgets can distract drivers as they are focusing on a small screen to read a text message or make a call instead of having their eyes fixed on the road and their mind focused on driving.

Use of seatbelts and child seats

In each state, there are laws that mandate motorists' use of seat and safety belts as these can lessen the effect of impacts in accidents. Also, children are required to be safely buckled in a child seat when riding vehicles as this serves a purpose similar to seatbelts for adults.

Fatigue and sleepiness

Before going on long drives, drivers must ensure their safety by getting enough rest or sleep so that they would not fall asleep on the wheel. For drivers who really need to rest, they should pull over and park at the nearest gasoline station or truck stop to shake off their fatigue, take a nap, or rest their eyes before heading out to the road again.

These are just some of the things that responsible motorists should be cautious about in order to have a safe trip from one place to another. Abiding by traffic laws will guarantee that you need not to pay fines for each violation.