Repair work on your vehicle can be costly and time consuming. Many people choose to ignore minor scratches and other minor damages on their vehicles because it is costly and time consuming to repair and paint. However these minor auto body paint repair jobs can be done by you at home. In order to successfully complete an auto body paint repair job, you simply need a few tools and some hard work. Scratches are one of the most simple auto body paint repair jobs that you can take care of without professional help. If the area has begun to rust, you will first need to remove the rust by rubbing some sand paper over the scratch. Once this is done you have to buy a tin of paint that matches the color of your vehicle. Your vehicle is usually fitted with a color code and therefore it should not take a long time to find a color that matches. You will also need to purchase primer and lacquer for your vehicle. Before you begin your auto body paint repair job, make sure that you clean the area that you are going to paint. Once you have done this you can start painting. You must first apply a single coat of primer to the scratch. Afterwards, you will have to let it dry for at least twenty minutes before resuming your auto body paint repair job. Paint a minimum of two coats of paint over the layer of primer and let it dry once again. Once this is done you can apply a couple of coats of the lacquer you purchased. When you have finished this step, your auto body paint repair job is almost complete. You will need to let the painted area dry overnight before anything else can be done. Once the paint has dried, use a clean cloth and some rubbing compound to polish the painted area. This will help blend the old and new paint together. Therefore, you will not even be able to notice your auto body paint repair job. If your vehicle has rusted and you want to remove it, simply use a wire brush and remove the rust first. Then use some body filler and rebuild the parts that have rusted away before beginning the painting process. However if you have considerable damage or a large amount of rust on your vehicle, you will need to consult a professional for the auto body paint repair job.