An auto diesel college is the place to go if you dream of fabricating and customizing cars for the love of it and for money. The roar of automobile engines gives you an adrenaline surge and you definitely want to be in the action. You have an affinity with fixing everything under the hood and take pride in restoring a 60’s Chevy convertible. Most of all, you want to earn money by working as either a car or diesel mechanic.

An auto diesel mechanic is the person responsible for fixing cars, trucks, boats, trains, and just about anything that is run by a diesel engine. These engines are more efficient and work differently than the usual gasoline engine. To succeed in this field, training from specialized schools is needed.

Enrolling in an auto diesel college is the best way to get the necessary skills needed for you to succeed as a mechanic. There is a shortage of auto and diesel mechanics in the US, so the need for fresh graduates is great. These technical schools have auto diesel college programs in them. Respected technical institutions are:

Universal Technical Institute

The Universal Technical Institute is an excellent institution for you; its auto diesel college program is one of the best available. Here, you will learn everything about automotive, diesel engine technology, collision repair and refinishing; it offers two year courses for these fields of specialization. It has connections with leading car makers Volvo, Porsche, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, and Audi. These links enable the students to learn the different methods in automotive engineering and engine technologies which are manufacturer-specific.

NASCAR Technical Institute

The National Association of Stock Car Racing partners with the Universal Technical Institute in order to deliver one of the premier auto diesel college programs in the nation. The NASCAR Technical Institute is situated in North Carolina, the hub of stock car racing. This mechanical training school offers a wide selection of courses in automotive technologies, car assembly, car systems, and fabrication; it also has a FACT, which means Ford Accelerated Credential Training, elective. If you want to take a step further in this technical institution, you can train to be part of one of the world’s leading auto racing sports. You can either train to be a stock car builder or to be a pit crew member. Either way, you are assured of working with cars that can run as fast as 190 mph.

Lincoln Technical Institute

If you want to complete an auto diesel college course in a short time while getting the best training available, then enroll in the Lincoln Training Institute. The school has campuses nationwide, so accessibility is not a problem. The technical institution offers short-term courses in automotive and diesel technologies, as well as courses in healthcare, skilled trades, and computer programming. The program’s 60 years of producing well-trained graduates is a testimonial to its prestige.

Nashville Auto Diesel School

As its name implies, this auto diesel college is situated in Nashville, TN. This school specializes in producing good car mechanics and diesel mechanics. It is established in 1919 as an automotive school in Nashville; it has since then grown into one of the top auto colleges in the US. NADC students can enter in a NATEF – or National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation – program to go along with programs in automotive transmissions, collision repair, and diesel engines.

Go online

Online technical schools also offer auto diesel courses. These schools specialize in giving you the best long distance technical education you need. Through these, you don’t have to go to the nearest campus of a technical institution. Penn Foster Schools has accredited programs in auto repair, diesel mechanics, and small engine repair. Other respected online mechanical schools are Ashworth College and Stratford Career Institute.

The courses offered in an auto diesel college are designed to give the student the information he/she needs to pursue mechanical work.

Auto mechanic courses

If you want to work with cars, then you have to take the courses for auto mechanics. Some of the courses available in this field are: auto electronic systems, suspension, brake systems, fuel injection systems, collision repair, and auto engines. After school, you can work in a car dealership, car repair shops, and in manufacturing.

Diesel mechanic courses

Specialization in diesel engines requires you to take the various courses for that area of study. Training in diesel engines can either be accomplished at the diploma or associate level. Examples of courses for aspiring diesel mechanics are: welding, and engine technologies. Available employment is in auto service shops and in industries that maintain a fleet of trucks.