Using auto dog feeders can be great if you need to keep your pooch on a feeding schedule and a set amount of food for his day to day diet.

If you can’t be there right at feeding time, then these are a great accessory to have.  Many are now electronic, and have a built in timer, that dispenses the dry food at just the right time, and some models even have the ability to record your voice, if your pooch needs to hear your voice before he or she eats.

This works well for anyone with a well trained dog that is used to being given a command to eat. (This never worked for mine!)  These auto pet feeders are also built well enough to withstand any tampering by even the most persistent pet!

This model has different sizes and some will hold up to 22 pounds of food, so that you don’t even have to store your bag of dry food anywhere.  This could always be a challenge if your pooch is persistent and loves to hunt down the stock of food!

This way you can simply store your dry food in the hopper of these automatic feeders and then set the timer for day and time and this way your buddy knows exactly when he is to be fed.  Some dogs will get to know the schedule so well they just seem to know when it is feeding time and will sit and watch it until the food is dispensed.Auto Dog Feeders

These are available for cats too, and it is a great option for any pet that needs to be on a regulated and measured diet such as for overweight pets!

Once they have eaten the food, they don’t get anymore, no matter how hard they try to get in.  It doesn’t have to be just once a day, if you prefer to feed your pets a few times a day these auto feeders can be set to do that as well.

Large Automatic Pet Feeder Electronic Programmable Portion Control Dog Cat Feeder w/ LCD display

If you prefer to let your pooch graze, rather than have his or her meals timed and dispensed, you can get feeders that simply auto fill the bowl.  Either way this works well because the food is still protected in a container or hopper where it will stay fresh and free of insects and critters.  If you tend to leave big bowls of food around on the floor for your pet for the day, chances are there will be a mess when you get back or insects will have found the stale food.

You can get these automatic dog feeders that are on timers and also simple pet feeders at most large pet supply stores, but you can also get a great variety online for an affordable price at sites such as Amazon.

In the warmer weather it can be hard to keep dry food fresh by using these auto dog feeders or hoppers you can save money on pet food, and keep your feeding area clean.

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